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.type foo, @function
.globl foo
movq $0, %rax
# References to globals must be rewritten to their local targets.
call foo
jmp foo
jbe foo
jne foo
# Jumps to PLT symbols are rewritten through redirectors.
call memcpy@PLT
jmp memcpy@PLT
jbe memcpy@PLT
# Jumps to local PLT symbols use their local targets.
call foo@PLT
jmp foo@PLT
jbe foo@PLT
# Synthesized symbols are treated as local ones.
call OPENSSL_ia32cap_get@PLT
# References to local labels are left as-is in the first file.
jbe .Llocal_label
leaq .Llocal_label+2048(%rip), %r14
leaq .Llocal_label+2048+1024(%rip), %r14
.section .rodata
.quad 42
.quad .L2-.L1
.uleb128 .L2-.L1
.sleb128 .L2-.L1
# Local labels and their jumps are left alone.
jmp 1f
jmp 1b