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ver 3.35:
Add two additional company identifiers.
ver 3.34:
Replace various SDP functions with safe versions.
Add additional length validation for incoming SDP packets.
ver 3.33:
Add functions for reading and writing the link policy settings.
Add definition for authentication requirements.
Enable PIE by default if supported.
ver 3.32:
Add OCF constants for synchronous flow control enabling.
ver 3.31:
Don't optimize when debug is enabled.
ver 3.30:
Add another company identifier.
ver 3.29:
Fix memory leak in sdp_get_uuidseq_attr function.
ver 3.28:
Add support for MCAP UUIDs.
ver 3.27:
Add another company identifier.
ver 3.26:
Fix compilation problem with USHRT_MAX and UCHAR_MAX.
ver 3.25:
Update copyright information.
ver 3.24:
Add definitions for MDP.
ver 3.23:
Fix remote name request handling bug.
ver 3.22:
Fix remote name request event handling.
ver 3.21:
Add constant for Bluetooth socket options level.
ver 3.20:
Add support for inquiry transmit power level.
ver 3.19:
Add L2CAP mode constants.
ver 3.18:
Don't allocate memory for the Bluetooth base UUID.
ver 3.17:
Fix supported commands bit calculation.
ver 3.16:
Update company identifier list.
ver 3.15:
Extract main service class for later use.
ver 3.14:
Add definitions and functions for Simple Pairing.
ver 3.13:
Update HCI command table.
ver 3.12:
Add missing HCI command text descriptions
Add missing HCI commands structures.
Add missing HCI event structures.
Add common bachk() function.
ver 3.11:
Fix URL data size handling.
ver 3.10:
Add version code for Bluetooth 2.1 specification.
Add ESCO_LINK connection type constant.
Export sdp_uuid32_to_uuid128() function.
ver 3.9:
Update copyright information.
ver 3.8:
Add functions for registering binary records.
ver 3.7:
Add additional PDU length checks.
Fix CSRC value for partial responses.
ver 3.6:
Fix issues with the asynchronous API for SDP.
ver 3.5:
Add asynchronous API for SDP.
ver 3.4:
Fix UUID128 string lookup handling.
Fix malloc() versus bt_malloc() usage.
ver 3.3:
Remove kernel specific timeouts.
Add additional private data field for SDP sessions.
Add host controller to host flow control defines.
Add host number of completed packets defines.
Initialize various memory to zero before usage.
ver 3.2:
Fix handling of SDP strings.
Add adapter type for SDIO cards.
Add features bit for link supervision timeout.
ver 3.1:
Add missing placeholders for feature bits.
ver 3.0:
Fix broken behavior with EVT_CMD_STATUS.
Add features bit for pause encryption.
Add additional EIR error code.
Add more company identifiers.
Add another Phonebook Access identifier.
Update sniff subrating data structures.
ver 2.25:
Add definitions for Apple Agent.
Add support for record handle on service registration.
ver 2.24:
Add support for additional access protocols.
ver 2.23:
Add constants and definitions for sniff subrating.
Add support for allocation of binary text elements.
Fix service discovery deadlocks with Samsung D600 phones.
ver 2.22:
Decode reserved LMP feature bits.
Fix errno overwrite problems.
Fix profile descriptor problem with Samsung phones.
Add compile time buffer checks (FORTIFY SOURCE).
ver 2.21:
Add support for identification of supported commands.
Add missing OCF declarations for the security filter.
Add two new company identifiers.
ver 2.20:
Add UUIDs for video distribution profile.
Add UUIDs for phonebook access profile.
Add attribute identifier for supported repositories.
Add definitions for extended inquiry response.
Add functions for extended inquiry response.
ver 2.19:
Fix the GCC 4.0 warnings.
Fix the routing for dealing with raw devices.
Add per device service record functions.
ver 2.18:
Add support for reading and writing the inquiry scan type.
Add definitions for connection accept timeout and scan enable.
Remove hci_vhci.h header file.
Remove hci_uart.h header file.
ver 2.17:
Include stdio.h in bluetooth.h header file.
Include sys/socket.h in the header files.
Add functions for stored link keys.
Add definitions for PIN type and unit key.
Add SDP_WAIT_ON_CLOSE flag for sdp_connect().
ver 2.16:
Fix buffer allocation for features to string conversion.
Add function for reading local supported commands.
Add function for reading local extended features.
Add function for reading remote extended features.
Add function for getting the remote name with a clock offset.
Add function for extracting the OUI from a BD_ADDR.
Add inquiry info structure with RSSI and page scan mode.
Support inquiry with unlimited number of responses.
ver 2.15:
Use better way for unaligned access.
Remove sdp_internal.h and its usage.
Add deprecated functions for reading the name.
Add function for reading the clock.
Add function for reading the local Bluetooth address.
Add function for reading the local supported features.
ver 2.14:
Add function for reading the RSSI.
Add function for reading the link quality.
Add function for reading the transmit power level.
Add functions for the link supervision timeout.
Remove deprecated functions.
Update AM_PATH_BLUEZ macro.
ver 2.13:
Add Device ID and HID attribute definitions.
Update the UUID constants and its translations.
Update L2CAP socket option definitions.
Update connection information definitions.
ver 2.12:
Correct kernel interface for CMTP and HIDP support.
Add service classes and profile ids for WAP.
Add simple AM_PATH_BLUEZ macro.
ver 2.11:
Initial support for the kernel security manager.
Use bit zero for vendor packets in the filter type bitmask.
Add SIM Access types for service discovery.
Add more audio/video profile translations.
Add another company identifier.
Add the missing HCI error codes.
Add RFCOMM socket options.
Add definition for the SECURE link mode.
Add functions for reading and writing the inquiry mode.
Add functions for AFH related settings and information.
Add version identifier for the Bluetooth 2.0 specification.
ver 2.10:
Fix and extend the unaligned access macros.
Make compiling with debug information optional.
Don't override CFLAGS from configure.
ver 2.9:
Add L2CAP info type and info result definitions.
Add value for L2CAP_CONF_RFC_MODE.
Change RSSI value to signed instead of unsigned.
Allow UUID32 values as protocol identifiers.
ver 2.8:
Fix the event code of inquiry with RSSI.
Add defines and UUID's for audio/video profiles.
Add AVDTP protocol identifier.
Add HIDP subclass field.
Add PKGConfig support.
Remove dummy SDP library.
ver 2.7:
Fix display of decoded LMP features.
Update company identifiers.
Add AFH related types.
Add first bits from EDR prototyping specification.
Add support for inquiry with RSSI.
Add HCRP related SDP functions.
Add HIDP header file.
ver 2.6:
Use R2 for default value of pscan_rep_mode.
Add new company identifiers.
Add BNEP and CMTP header files.
Add the SDP library.
ver 2.5:
Add decoding of Bluetooth 1.2 features.
Add link manager version parameter for Bluetooth 1.2.
Add new company identifiers.
Support for transmit power level.
Support for park, sniff and hold mode.
Support for role switch.
Support for reading the clock offset.
Use R1 for default value of pscan_rep_mode.
ver 2.4:
Added const qualifiers to appropriate function arguments.
Minor fixes.
ver 2.3:
Fix hci_for_each_dev() for big endian machines.
Support for voice settings.
RPM package.
ver 2.2:
Updated RFCOMM header file.
Additional HCI command and event defines.
ver 2.1.1:
Resurrect hci_remote_name.
ver 2.1:
New HCI functions:
hci_{read, write}_class_of_dev(),
hci_{read, write}_current_iac_lap(),
Added RFCOMM header file.
Minor fixes.
ver 2.0:
Additional company IDs.
Minor fixes.
ver 2.0-pre10:
Fix hci_inquiry function to return errors and accept user buffers.
New functions hci_devba, hci_devid, hci_for_each_dev and hci_get_route.
Additional company IDs.
Makefile and other minor fixes.
ver 2.0-pre9:
LMP features to string translation support.
Additional HCI command and event defines.
Extended hci_filter API.
ver 2.0-pre8:
Additional HCI ioctls and defines.
All strings and buffers are allocated dynamically.
ba2str, str2ba automatically swap bdaddress.
Minor fixes and cleanup.
ver 2.0-pre7:
Bluetooth libraries and header files is now a separate package.
New build environment uses automake and libtool.
Massive header files cleanup.
ver 2.0-pre6:
API cleanup and additions.
ver 2.0-pre4:
HCI filter enhancements.
ver 2.0-pre3:
ver 2.0-pre2:
Additional HCI library functions.
Documentation update.
ver 2.0-pre1:
Minor fixes and improvements.