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BlueZ D-Bus Health API description
Santiago Carot-Nemesio <>
José Antonio Santos-Cadenas <>
Elvis Pfützenreuter <>
Health Device Profile hierarchy
Service org.bluez
Interface org.bluez.HealthManager
Object path /org/bluez/
object CreateApplication(dict config, object agent)
Returns the path of the new registered application. The agent
parameter is the path of the object with the callbacks to
notify events (see org.bluez.HealthAgent at the end
of this document).
Dict is defined as bellow:
"DataType": uint16, (mandatory)
"Role" : ("Source" or "Sink"), (mandatory)
"Description" : string, (optional)
"ChannelType" : ("Reliable" or "Streaming")
(just for Sources, optional)
Application will be closed by the call or implicitly when the
programs leaves the bus.
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments
void DestroyApplication(object application)
Closes the HDP application identified by the object path. Also
application will be closed if the process that started it leaves
the bus.
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments
Service org.bluez
Interface org.bluez.HealthApplication
Object path [variable prefix]/health_app_ZZZZ
void Echo(object service)
Sends an echo petition to the remote service. Returns True if
response matches with the buffer sent. If some error is detected
False value is returned and the associated MCL is closed.
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments
object CreateChannel(object service, string type)
Creates a new data channel with the indicated config to the
remote Service.
The configuration should indicate the channel quality of
service using one of this values "Reliable", "Streaming", "Any".
Returns the object path that identifies the data channel that
is already connected.
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments
void DestroyChannel(object channel)
Destroys the data channel object.
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments
Service org.bluez
Interface org.bluez.HealthService
Object path [variable prefix]/{hci0,hci1,...}/dev_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX/hdp_YYYY
Service org.bluez
Interface org.bluez.HealthChannel
Object path [variable prefix]/{hci0,hci1,...}/dev_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX/
dict GetProperties()
Returns all properties for the interface. See the properties
section for available properties.
fd Acquire()
Returns the file descriptor for this data channel. If the data
channel is not connected it will also reconnect.
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.NotConnected
void Release()
Releases the fd. Application should also need to close() it.
string Type (read only)
The quality of service of the data channel. ("Reliable" or
object Service (read only)
Identifies the Remote Service that is connected with. Maps with
a HealthService object.
HealthAgent hierarchy
(this object is implemented by the HDP user in order to receive notifications)
Service unique name
Interface org.bluez.HealthAgent
Object path freely definable
void Release()
This method gets called when the service daemon unregisters the
agent. An agent can use it to do cleanup tasks. There is no need
to unregister the agent, because when this method gets called it
has already been unregistered.
void ServiceDiscovered(object service)
This method is called when a device containing an HDP
application is paired or when the method Update of the
HealthManager is called and new HealthServices are discovered.
The method will be called once for each HealthService.
void ServiceRemoved(object service)
This is called if during an Update some HealthServices
have disappeared. The method is called once for each removed
void ChannelConnected(object channel)
This method is called when a new data channel is created or when
a known data channel is reconnected.
void ChannelDeleted(object channel)
This method is called when a data channel is deleted.
After this call the data channel path will not be valid and can
be reused for future creation of data channels.