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# Do NOT change this file format without updating the parsing logic in
# BT IF module implementation (btif_storage.c)
# This file contains information to prevent auto pairing with Bluetooth devices.
# Blacklisting by vendor prefix address:
# The following companies are included in the list below:
# ALPS (lexus), Murata (Prius 2007, Nokia 616), TEMIC SDS (Porsche, Audi),
# Parrot, Zhongshan General K-mate Electronics, Great Well
# Electronics, Flaircomm Electronics, Jatty Electronics, Delphi,
# Clarion, Novero, Denso (Lexus, Toyota), Johnson Controls (Acura),
# Continental Automotive, Harman/Becker, Panasonic/Kyushu Ten,
# BMW (Motorola PCS), Visteon, Peugeot, BMW (MINI10013), Venza (Toyota)
# Blacklisting by Exact Name:
ExactNameBlacklist=Motorola IHF1000,i.TechBlueBAND,X5 Stereo v1.3,KML_CAN
# Blacklisting by Partial Name (if name starts with)
# Fixed PIN keyboard blacklist. Keyboards should have variable PIN
# The keyboards below have a fixed PIN of 0000, so we will auto pair.
# Note the reverse logic in this case compared to other's in this file
# where its a blacklist for not auto pairing.
# Blacklisting by addition of the address during usage