CDD: Requirement updates for the assistant

With Android 6.0 there are new APIs allowing assistant to be more
aware of the context of the foreground application. 

To ensure a wide-spread adoption of the feature by cross-device
consistency and to protect end-user privacy, the change introduces:

- stronger language on allowed gestures to start the assistant
- mandatory requirement on how to indicate the end user of context

Bug: 20012526
Bug: 23360409

Change-Id: I2debcef9a6d50cc2341734e0e064c8a6f940f65a
diff --git a/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html b/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html
index 8278113..384b10d 100644
--- a/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html
+++ b/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html
@@ -1352,6 +1352,20 @@
 applications are installed that make use of this functionality, the default
 behavior SHOULD be to display web search engine results and suggestions.</p>
+<p>Android device implementations SHOULD implement an assistant on the device
+to handle the Assist action [<a
+<p>Android also includes the Assist APIs to allow applications to elect how much
+information of the current context are shared with the assistant on the device [<a
+XX</a>]. Device implementations supporting the Assist action MUST indicate clearly to
+the end user when the the context is shared by showing a white light that runs around
+the edges of the screen. To ensure clear visibility to the end user, the indication MUST
+be with a duration as long as, and a visibility as strong as, at least the Android Open
+Source Project implementation.</p>
 <h3 id="3_8_5_toasts">3.8.5. Toasts</h3>
@@ -3009,13 +3023,11 @@
 button, a software key, or gestures. This Menu function should be presented
 unless hidden together with other navigation functions.</p>
-<p>Android supports Assist action [<a href="">Resources, 69</a>]. Android device implementations except for Android Watch devices MUST make
-the Assist action available to the user at all times when running applications.
-The Assist action SHOULD be implemented as a long-press on the Home button or a
-swipe-up gesture on the software Home key. This function MAY be implemented via
-another physical button, software key, or gesture, but MUST be accessible with
-a single action (e.g. tap, double-click, or gesture) when other navigation keys
-are visible.</p>
+<p>Android device implementations with the support of the Assist action [<a
+69</a>] MUST make this accessisble with a single action (e.g. tap, double-click,
+or gesture) when other navigation keys are visible, and are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to
+use the long-press on the Home button or software key as the single action.</p>
 <p>Device implementations MAY use a distinct portion of the screen to display the
 navigation keys, but if so, MUST meet these requirements:</p>