CDD: USB mass storage class req for AOAP

USB host machines that supports both AOAP and generic USB mass
storage devices, might send AOAP commands and cause some USB mass
storage devices to enter a wrong state.

This requirement is expected to allow such host machines to
implement a mechanism to avoid such interoperability issues.

Bug: 22041890
Change-Id: I0163d56574ae81fa1fd8963bd072f3fd09f6734e
diff --git a/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html b/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html
index 55fa014..95d514e 100644
--- a/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html
+++ b/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html
@@ -4002,7 +4002,11 @@
     <li>MUST declare support for the hardware feature android.hardware.usb.accessory [<a href="">Resources, 97</a>].</li>
     <li>MUST implement the USB audio class as documented in the Android SDK
 documentation [<a href="">Resources, 98</a>].</li>
-  </ul></li>
+    <li>And also the USB mass storage class, MUST include the string "android"
+at the end of the interface description <code>iInterface</code> string of the
+USB mass storage</li>
+  </ul>
+  </li>
   <li>It SHOULD implement support to draw 1.5 A current during HS chirp and traffic
 as specified in the USB battery charging specification [<a href="">Resources, 99</a>]. Existing and new Android devices are <strong>very strongly encouraged to meet these requirements</strong> so they will be able to upgrade to the future platform releases.</li>
   <li>The value of iSerialNumber in USB standard device descriptor MUST be equal to