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 <p class="toc_h3"><a href="#7_6_2_application_shared_storage">7.6.2. Application Shared Storage</a></p>
+<p class="toc_h3"><a href="#7_6_3_adoptable_storage">7.6.3. Adoptable Storage</a></p>
 <p class="toc_h2"><a href="#7_7_usb">7.7. USB</a></p>
 <p class="toc_h2"><a href="#7_8_audio">7.8. Audio</a></p>
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   <li>SHOULD report a USB interface name of 'MTP'.</li>
+<h3 id="7_6_3_adoptable_storage">7.6.3. Adoptable Storage</h3>
+<p>Device implementations are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to implement adoptable
+storage if the removable storage device port is in a long-term stable location,
+such as within the battery compartment or other protective cover
+<p>Device implementations such as a television, MAY enable adoption through USB
+ports as the device is expected to be static and not mobile. But for other
+device implementations that are mobile in nature, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to
+implement the adoptable storage in a long-term stable location, since accidentally
+disconnecting them can cause data loss/corruption.</p>
 <h2 id="7_7_usb">7.7. USB</h2>