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<group>Device Admin</group>
This sample demonstrates how to provision other devices with a specified device owner using NFC.
Install the DeviceOwner sample to an unprovisioned device. Fill in the values below, and bump the
two devices, and tap this side to initiate the provisioning process.
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<categories>Device Admin</categories>
This sample demonstrates how to use NFC to provision a new device with a device owner. Device owner
is a specialized type of device administrator that can control device security and configuration.
This sample itself is not a device owner, but it is a programming app that sends NFC message to an
unprovisioned peer device and tells it to set up the specified device owner app.
NFC Provisioning app is nothing but an ordinary Android Beam app that just sends out provisioning
values to the peer device. This sample uses the values below.
* [EXTRA_PROVISIONING_DEVICE_ADMIN_PACKAGE_NAME] - The package name of the mobile device management
application that will be set as the profile owner or device owner.
* [EXTRA_PROVISIONING_LOCALE] - The Locale that the device will be set to.
* [EXTRA_PROVISIONING_TIME_ZONE] - The time zone AlarmManager that the device will be set to.
* [EXTRA_PROVISIONING_WIFI_SSID] - The ssid of the wifi network that should be used during nfc
device owner provisioning for downloading the mobile device management application.
* [EXTRA_PROVISIONING_WIFI_PASSWORD] - The password of the wifi network in
Store values in an instance of Properties. Get a byte array representation of the Properties using
ByteArrayOutputStream. Create an NdefRecord with the MIME type of
[DevicePolicyManager.MIME_TYPE_PROVISIONING_NFC][1]. Use [NfcAdapter#setNdefPushMessage][2] to set
the NdefMessage as the message to be sent.