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 ### Use `Bundle`s instead of creating new general-purpose data structures <a name="framework-bundle"></a>
-Instead of creating a new type/class to hold various args or various types,
-consider simply using a `Bundle` instead.
+Avoid creating new general-purpose data structures to represent arbitrary key to
+typed value mappings. Instead, consider using `Bundle`.
+This typically comes up when writing platform APIs that serve as communication
+channels between non-platform apps and services, where the platform does not
+read the data sent across the channel and the API contract may be partially
+defined outside of the platform (ex. in a Jetpack library).
+In cases where the platform *does* read the data, avoid using `Bundle` and
+prefer a strongly-typed data class.
 ### Parcelable implementations must have public `CREATOR` field <a name="framework-parcelable-creator"></a>