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     number instead of the codename since that's what users need to know for
     their build.gradle files. Non-NDK APIs should consider doing this as well.
+8.  Potential pending exceptions should be limited to runtime issues such as
+    `OutOfMemory``or`ClassCastException`` unless clearly documented what the
+    other potential exceptions are and why they may occur (see also:
+    go/android-api-guidelines#throws )
 ## ABI stability guidelines <a name="abi-stability"></a>
 ### Prefer opaque structs <a name="opaque-structs"></a>
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 This helps apps to keep a clean JNI layer in their own code.
+### JNI interop APIs should not clear pending exceptions
+Any exceptions thrown should be left pending for the caller to handle. Most
+potential pending exceptions types must be documented. See
 ## Inlines <a name="inlines"></a>
 ### Inline functions may be used for simple wrappers <a name="inline-wrappers"></a>