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%default {"preinstr":"", "result0":"r0", "result1":"r1", "chkzero":"0"}
* Generic 64-bit binary operation. Provide an "instr" line that
* specifies an instruction that performs "result = r0-r1 op r2-r3".
* This could be an ARM instruction or a function call. (If the result
* comes back in a register other than r0, you can override "result".)
* If "chkzero" is set to 1, we perform a divide-by-zero check on
* vCC (r1). Useful for integer division and modulus.
* for: add-long, sub-long, div-long, rem-long, and-long, or-long,
* xor-long, add-double, sub-double, mul-double, div-double,
* rem-double
* IMPORTANT: you may specify "chkzero" or "preinstr" but not both.
/* binop vAA, vBB, vCC */
FETCH(r0, 1) @ r0<- CCBB
mov r9, rINST, lsr #8 @ r9<- AA
and r2, r0, #255 @ r2<- BB
mov r3, r0, lsr #8 @ r3<- CC
add r9, rFP, r9, lsl #2 @ r9<- &fp[AA]
add r2, rFP, r2, lsl #2 @ r2<- &fp[BB]
add r3, rFP, r3, lsl #2 @ r3<- &fp[CC]
ldmia r2, {r0-r1} @ r0/r1<- vBB/vBB+1
ldmia r3, {r2-r3} @ r2/r3<- vCC/vCC+1
.if $chkzero
orrs ip, r2, r3 @ second arg (r2-r3) is zero?
beq common_errDivideByZero
FETCH_ADVANCE_INST(2) @ advance rPC, load rINST
$preinstr @ optional op; may set condition codes
$instr @ result<- op, r0-r3 changed
GET_INST_OPCODE(ip) @ extract opcode from rINST
stmia r9, {$result0,$result1} @ vAA/vAA+1<- $result0/$result1
GOTO_OPCODE(ip) @ jump to next instruction
/* 14-17 instructions */