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* This handler encapsulates heap memory ops for selfVerification mode.
* The call to the handler is inserted prior to a heap memory operation.
* This handler then calls a function to decode the memory op, and process
* it accordingly. Afterwards, the handler changes the return address to
* skip the memory op so it never gets executed.
vpush {d0-d15} @ save out all fp registers
push {r0-r12,lr} @ save out all registers
ldr r2, .LdvmSelfVerificationMemOpDecode @ defined in footer.S
mov r0, lr @ arg0 <- link register
mov r1, sp @ arg1 <- stack pointer
blx r2 @ decode and handle the mem op
pop {r0-r12,lr} @ restore all registers
vpop {d0-d15} @ restore all fp registers
bx lr @ return to compiled code