Clean up managed user tests

A) Hide the BYOD test cases, as now it would change the
   state of the device (i.e. encrypt it).

B) Shorten the test instruction for the negative device
   owner test

Bug: 17384646
Change-Id: I786ac6322bf80d60855810e41fa9180e9ac5e46c
diff --git a/apps/CtsVerifier/AndroidManifest.xml b/apps/CtsVerifier/AndroidManifest.xml
index eaf6fbe..f466cdc 100644
--- a/apps/CtsVerifier/AndroidManifest.xml
+++ b/apps/CtsVerifier/AndroidManifest.xml
@@ -1259,7 +1259,8 @@
-        <activity android:name=".managedprovisioning.ByodFlowTestActivity"
+        <!-- TODO: enable when the test can be executed without leaving marks -->
+        <!-- activity android:name=".managedprovisioning.ByodFlowTestActivity"
@@ -1272,7 +1273,7 @@
             <meta-data android:name="test_category" android:value="@string/test_category_managed_provisioning" />
             <meta-data android:name="test_required_features" android:value="" />
-        </activity>
+        </activity-->
         <activity android:name=".managedprovisioning.ByodHelperActivity">
diff --git a/apps/CtsVerifier/res/values/strings.xml b/apps/CtsVerifier/res/values/strings.xml
index 1752557..cb35c3d 100644
--- a/apps/CtsVerifier/res/values/strings.xml
+++ b/apps/CtsVerifier/res/values/strings.xml
@@ -1264,7 +1264,7 @@
     <string name="device_owner_provisioning_tests_info">The device owner provisioning tests verify that setting up a corporate owned device can only be done on a factory reset device.</string>
     <string name="device_owner_provisioning_category">Device Owner Provisioning</string>
     <string name="device_owner_negative_test">Device owner negative test</string>
-    <string name="device_owner_negative_test_info">Device owner provisioning should only work on new or factory reset devices. Please click on the "Start provisioning" button and verify that you get a warning dialog telling you that the device is already set up. If that is the case, this test has passed.</string>
+    <string name="device_owner_negative_test_info">Please click the "Start provisioning" button, and when you see a warning dialog telling the device is already set up, select "pass". Otherwise, select "fail".</string>
     <string name="start_device_owner_provisioning_button">Start provisioning</string>
     <!-- Strings for JobScheduler Tests -->