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Android API Differences Report
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<h2>Android API Differences Report</h2>
<p>This document details the changes in the Android framework API. It shows
additions, modifications, and removals for packages, classes, methods, and
fields. Each reference to an API change includes a brief description of the
API and an explanation of the change and suggested workaround, where available.</p>
<p>The differences described in this report are based a comparison of the APIs
whose versions are specified in the upper-right corner of this page. It compares a
newer "to" API to an older "from" version, noting any changes relative to the
older API. So, for example, indicated API removals are no longer present in the "to"
<p>For more information about the Android framework API and SDK,
see the <a href="" target="_top">Android product site</a>.</p>
No differences were detected between the two provided APIs.
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