Embedding the JNI lib is controlled by PRODUCT_FULL_TREBLE

Test: unzip -l vendor/app/ims/ims.apk shows libimscamera_jni.so and

Merged-In: I1e02ec2e0af52e9e128528a20abb90746cc83828
Change-Id: I1e02ec2e0af52e9e128528a20abb90746cc83828
(cherry picked from commit a6b038ff4c57bf18598f7827f4bcad5da5f963a7)
diff --git a/core/install_jni_libs.mk b/core/install_jni_libs.mk
index 35f4f55..6b550c1 100644
--- a/core/install_jni_libs.mk
+++ b/core/install_jni_libs.mk
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
 ifneq ($(filter tests samples, $(LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS)),)
 my_embed_jni := true
+ifeq ($(PRODUCT_FULL_TREBLE),true)
   ifeq ($(filter $(TARGET_OUT)/%, $(my_module_path)),)
     # If this app isn't to be installed to the system partition, and the device
     # is fully treble-ized then jni libs are embedded, Otherwise, access to the