Clean up files' dependencies on phony targets.

Module names are phony targets, which make always sees as obsolete,
so a nothing-to-do build won't do nothing.
Also file target $(DEFAULT_TEST_PLAN) was never created in its rule.
Here it's fixed with a stamp file.

Change-Id: Ic82df70cc22643d902017b5bec1022404d9bbfce
diff --git a/core/tasks/ b/core/tasks/
index 9154f32..b2fb79e 100644
--- a/core/tasks/
+++ b/core/tasks/
@@ -45,10 +45,9 @@
 DEFAULT_TEST_PLAN := $(cts_dir)/$(cts_name)/resource/plans
+CTS_TEST_CASE_LIST_FILES := $(foreach c, $(CTS_TEST_CASE_LIST), $(call intermediates-dir-for,APPS,$(c))/package.apk)
 $(cts_dir)/all_cts_files_stamp: PRIVATE_JUNIT_HOST_JAR := $(junit_host_jar)
 # Make necessary directory for CTS
 	$(hide) rm -rf $(PRIVATE_CTS_DIR)
 	$(hide) mkdir -p $(TMP_DIR)
@@ -159,6 +158,7 @@
 	$(hide) $(ACP) -fp $(CTS_CORE_XMLS) $(CTS_TEST_XMLS) $(CORE_VM_TEST_TF_DESC) $(PRIVATE_DIR)/repository/testcases
 	$(hide) $(cts_tools_src_dir)/utils/ cts/tests/tests/ $(PRIVATE_DIR) $(TMP_DIR) \
 		$(TOP) $(HOST_OUT_JAVA_LIBRARIES)/descGen.jar
+	$(hide) mkdir -p $(dir $@) && touch $@
 # Package CTS and clean up.