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# This file contains feature macro definitions specific to the
# base 'x86' platform ABI.
# It is also used to build full_x86-eng / sdk_x86-eng platform images that
# are run in the emulator under KVM emulation (i.e. running directly on
# the host development machine's CPU).
# These features are optional and shall not be included in the base platform
# Otherwise, sdk_x86-eng system images might fail to run on some
# developer machines.
ARCH_X86_HAVE_SSSE3 := false
ARCH_X86_HAVE_MOVBE := false
# XXX: This flag is probably redundant, because it should be set by default
# by our toolchain binaries. However, there have been reports that this may
# not always work as intended, so keep it unless we have the time to check
# everything properly.
arch_variant_cflags := \
-march=i686 \