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The Recovery Image

Quick turn-around testing

mm -j && m ramdisk-nodeps && m recoveryimage-nodeps

# To boot into the new recovery image
# without flashing the recovery partition:
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot boot $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT/recovery.img

Running the tests

# After setting up environment and lunch.
mmma -j bootable/recovery

# Running the tests on device.
adb root
adb sync data

# 32-bit device
adb shell /data/nativetest/recovery_unit_test/recovery_unit_test
adb shell /data/nativetest/recovery_component_test/recovery_component_test

# Or 64-bit device
adb shell /data/nativetest64/recovery_unit_test/recovery_unit_test
adb shell /data/nativetest64/recovery_component_test/recovery_component_test

Running the manual tests

recovery-refresh and recovery-persist executables exist only on systems without /cache partition. And we need to follow special steps to run tests for them.

  • Execute the test on an A/B device first. The test should fail but it will log some contents to pmsg.

  • Reboot the device immediately and run the test again. The test should save the contents of pmsg buffer into /data/misc/recovery/inject.txt. Test will pass if this file has expected contents.

ResourceTest validates whether the png files are qualified as background text image under recovery.

1. `adb sync data` to make sure the test-dir has the images to test.
2. The test will automatically pickup and verify all `_text.png` files in
   the test dir.