Revert "Don't verify version scripts on 32-bit Brillo"

This reverts commit 31951b7f0dc7ce577a21682e54362b0cf2913e11.

Bug: http://b/26164862
diff --git a/libc/ b/libc/
index 2c29f24..456527a 100644
--- a/libc/
+++ b/libc/
@@ -1424,14 +1424,6 @@
 LOCAL_LDFLAGS_x86    += -Wl,--version-script,$(LOCAL_PATH)/
 LOCAL_LDFLAGS_x86_64 += -Wl,--version-script,$(LOCAL_PATH)/
-# Brillo doesn't use the same libc 32-bit ABI as Android (no ndk cruft)
-ifdef BRILLO
-# TODO: b/26164862 provide alternate version scripts instead of disabling verification.
-LOCAL_LDFLAGS_arm += -Wl,--undefined-version
-LOCAL_LDFLAGS_mips += -Wl,--undefined-version
-LOCAL_LDFLAGS_x86 += -Wl,--undefined-version
 # We'd really like to do this for all architectures, but since this wasn't done
 # before, these symbols must continue to be exported on LP32 for binary
 # compatibility.