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%default {"load":"LOAD64_F(fa0, fa0f, a3)"}
* Generic 64bit-to-32bit unary operation. Provide an "instr" line
* that specifies an instruction that performs "result = op a0/a1", where
* "result" is a 32-bit quantity in a0.
* For: long-to-float, double-to-int, double-to-float
* If hard floating point support is available, use fa0 as the parameter,
* except for long-to-float opcode.
* (This would work for long-to-int, but that instruction is actually
* an exact match for OP_MOVE.)
/* unop vA, vB */
GET_OPB(a3) # a3 <- B
GET_OPA4(rOBJ) # t1 <- A+
EAS2(a3, rFP, a3) # a3 <- &fp[B]
FETCH_ADVANCE_INST(1) # advance rPC, load rINST
SET_VREG_F(fv0, rOBJ) # vA <- result0
GET_INST_OPCODE(t0) # extract opcode from rINST
GOTO_OPCODE(t0) # jump to next instruction