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This is a test checking the modifier (access flags) handling of ART.
The classes are pre-compiled and modified with ASM.
To reproduce, compile the source files. needs the ASM libraries (core and tree). Then
run, which produces Inf.out and NonInf.out. Rename these to class files and put them
into the classes directory (this assumes the ASM libraries are names asm.jar and asm-tree.jar).
Finally, compile with jack/jill or dx, and run baksmali.
javac -cp asm.jar:asm-tree.jar:.
java -cp asm.jar:asm-tree.jar:. Asm
mv Inf.out classes/Inf.class
mv NonInf.out classes/NonInf.class
mv Main.class A.class A\$B.class A\$C.class classes/
dx --debug --dex --output=classes.dex classes
baksmali disassemble classes.dex
mv out/*.smali smali/