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// Copyright 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
#include "dex_file.h"
#include "object.h"
namespace art {
class Compiler {
// Compile all Methods of all the Classes of all the DexFiles that are part of a ClassLoader.
void CompileAll(const ClassLoader* class_loader);
// Compile a single Method
void CompileOne(Method* method);
// Attempt to resolve all type, methods, fields, and strings
// referenced from code in the dex file following PathClassLoader
// ordering semantics.
void Resolve(const ClassLoader* class_loader);
void ResolveDexFile(const ClassLoader* class_loader, const DexFile& dex_file);
void Compile(const ClassLoader* class_loader);
void CompileDexFile(const ClassLoader* class_loader, const DexFile& dex_file);
void CompileClass(Class* klass);
void CompileMethod(Method* klass);
// After compiling, walk all the DexCaches and set the code and
// method pointers of CodeAndDirectMethods entries in the DexCaches.
void SetCodeAndDirectMethods(const ClassLoader* class_loader);
void SetCodeAndDirectMethodsDexFile(const DexFile& dex_file);
} // namespace art