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%default { "func":"MterpDoPackedSwitch" }
* Handle a packed-switch or sparse-switch instruction. In both cases
* we decode it and hand it off to a helper function.
* We don't really expect backward branches in a switch statement, but
* they're perfectly legal, so we check for them here.
* for: packed-switch, sparse-switch
/* op vAA, +BBBB */
FETCH w0, 1 // w0<- bbbb (lo)
FETCH w1, 2 // w1<- BBBB (hi)
lsr w3, wINST, #8 // w3<- AA
orr w0, w0, w1, lsl #16 // w0<- BBBBbbbb
GET_VREG w1, w3 // w1<- vAA
add x0, xPC, w0, lsl #1 // w0<- PC + BBBBbbbb*2
bl $func // w0<- code-unit branch offset
sbfm xINST, x0, 0, 31
mov x0, xSELF
mov x2, xINST
bl MterpProfileBranch // (self, shadow_frame, offset)
cbnz w0, MterpOnStackReplacement
adds w1, wINST, wINST // w1<- byte offset; clear V
FETCH_ADVANCE_INST_RB w1 // update rPC, load wINST
b.le MterpCheckSuspendAndContinue
GET_INST_OPCODE ip // extract opcode from wINST
GOTO_OPCODE ip // jump to next instruction