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# Copyright (C) 2018 The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# This script undoes (most of) the work done by tools/
# Make sure to keep these files in sync.
# Setup as root, as some actions performed here require it.
adb root
adb wait-for-device
if [[ -n "$ART_TEST_CHROOT" ]]; then
# Check that ART_TEST_CHROOT is correctly defined.
[[ "x$ART_TEST_CHROOT" = x/* ]] || { echo "$ART_TEST_CHROOT is not an absolute path"; exit 1; }
if adb shell test -d "$ART_TEST_CHROOT"; then
# Display users of the chroot dir.
echo -e "${green}List open files under chroot dir $ART_TEST_CHROOT${nc}"
adb shell lsof | grep "$ART_TEST_CHROOT"
# for_all_chroot_process ACTION
# -----------------------------
# Execute ACTION on all processes running from binaries located
# under the chroot directory. ACTION is passed two arguments: the
# PID of the process, and a string containing the command line
# that started this process.
for_all_chroot_process() {
local action=$1
adb shell ls -ld "/proc/*/root" \
| sed -n -e "s,^.* \\(/proc/.*/root\\) -> $ART_TEST_CHROOT\$,\\1,p" \
| while read link; do
local dir=$(dirname "$link")
local pid=$(basename "$dir")
local cmdline=$(adb shell cat "$dir"/cmdline | tr '\000' ' ')
$action "$pid" "$cmdline"
# display_process PID CMDLINE
# ---------------------------
# Display information about process with given PID, that was started with CMDLINE.
display_process() {
local pid=$1
local cmdline=$2
echo "$cmdline (PID: $pid)"
echo -e "${green}List processes running from binaries under chroot dir $ART_TEST_CHROOT${nc}"
for_all_chroot_process display_process
# Tear down the chroot dir.
echo -e "${green}Tear down the chroot set up in $ART_TEST_CHROOT${nc}"
# remove_filesystem_from_chroot DIR-IN-CHROOT FSTYPE REMOVE-DIR-IN-CHROOT
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Unmount filesystem with type FSTYPE mounted in directory DIR-IN-CHROOT
# under the chroot directory.
# Remove DIR-IN-CHROOT under the chroot if REMOVE-DIR-IN-CHROOT is
# true.
remove_filesystem_from_chroot() {
local dir_in_chroot=$1
local fstype=$2
local remove_dir=$3
local dir="$ART_TEST_CHROOT/$dir_in_chroot"
adb shell test -d "$dir" \
&& adb shell mount | grep -q "^$fstype on $dir type $fstype " \
&& if adb shell umount "$dir"; then
$remove_dir && adb shell rmdir "$dir"
echo "Files still open in $dir:"
adb shell lsof | grep "$dir"
# Remove /dev from chroot.
remove_filesystem_from_chroot dev tmpfs true
# Remove /sys/kernel/debug from chroot.
# The /sys/kernel/debug directory under the chroot dir cannot be
# deleted, as it is part of the host device's /sys filesystem.
remove_filesystem_from_chroot sys/kernel/debug debugfs false
# Remove /sys from chroot.
remove_filesystem_from_chroot sys sysfs true
# Remove /proc from chroot.
remove_filesystem_from_chroot proc proc true
# Remove /etc from chroot.
adb shell rm -f "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/etc"
adb shell rm -rf "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/system/etc"
# Remove directories used for ART testing in chroot.
adb shell rm -rf "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/data/local/tmp"
adb shell rm -rf "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/data/dalvik-cache"
adb shell rm -rf "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/tmp"
# Remove property_contexts file(s) from chroot.
property_context_files="/property_contexts \
/system/etc/selinux/plat_property_contexts \
/vendor/etc/selinux/nonplat_property_context \
/plat_property_contexts \
for f in $property_context_files; do
adb shell rm -f "$ART_TEST_CHROOT$f"
# Kill processes still running in the chroot.
# kill_process PID CMDLINE
# ------------------------
# Kill process with given PID, that was started with CMDLINE.
kill_process() {
local pid=$1
local cmdline=$2
echo "Killing $cmdline (PID: $pid)"
adb shell kill -9 "$pid"
echo -e "${green}Kill processes still running from binaries under" \
"chroot dir $ART_TEST_CHROOT (if any)${nc} "
for_all_chroot_process kill_process