Do a type check for knowing if we can inline.

Otherwise, we might successfully inline:

Because the lookup of the method is based on the index of charAt,
and not its name.

Change-Id: I72ce802fd50cfb71343197f0a32bb1ef56549097
diff --git a/compiler/optimizing/ b/compiler/optimizing/
index ea613b2..07d0dd6 100644
--- a/compiler/optimizing/
+++ b/compiler/optimizing/
@@ -120,6 +120,9 @@
     // Statically knowing that the receiver has an interface type cannot
     // help us find what is the target method.
     return nullptr;
+  } else if (!resolved_method->GetDeclaringClass()->IsAssignableFrom(info.GetTypeHandle().Get())) {
+    // The method that we're trying to call is not in the receiver's class or super classes.
+    return nullptr;
   ClassLinker* cl = Runtime::Current()->GetClassLinker();