Fix monitor visit for class initializer

We do not hold class object's lock when invoking class initializer. Therefore
it is wrong to visit it when looking for monitors owned by a thread.

Bug: 17377924

Change-Id: I7fddcdb9a554301e040c571971eec9be6cba5eda
diff --git a/runtime/ b/runtime/
index 0b6e3b2..03f8687 100644
--- a/runtime/
+++ b/runtime/
@@ -999,12 +999,6 @@
-  // <clinit> is another special case. The runtime holds the class lock while calling <clinit>.
-  if (m->IsClassInitializer()) {
-    callback(m->GetDeclaringClass(), callback_context);
-    // Fall through because there might be synchronization in the user code too.
-  }
   // Is there any reason to believe there's any synchronization in this method?
   const DexFile::CodeItem* code_item = m->GetCodeItem();
   CHECK(code_item != NULL) << PrettyMethod(m);