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* Copyright (C) 2011 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "codegen/Optimizer.h"
#include <vector>
typedef enum RegisterClass {
} RegisterClass;
typedef enum RegLocationType {
kLocDalvikFrame = 0, // Normal Dalvik register
} RegLocationType;
typedef struct PromotionMap {
RegLocationType coreLocation:3;
u1 coreReg;
RegLocationType fpLocation:3;
u1 fpReg;
bool firstInPair;
} PromotionMap;
typedef struct RegLocation {
RegLocationType location:3;
unsigned wide:1;
unsigned defined:1; // Do we know the type?
unsigned fp:1; // Floating point?
unsigned core:1; // Non-floating point?
unsigned highWord:1; // High word of pair?
unsigned home:1; // Does this represent the home location?
u1 lowReg; // First physical register
u1 highReg; // 2nd physical register (if wide)
s2 sRegLow; // SSA name for low Dalvik word
} RegLocation;
#define INVALID_SREG (-1)
#define INVALID_REG (0xFF)
#define INVALID_OFFSET (-1)
typedef enum BBType {
} BBType;
typedef struct LIR {
int offset; // Offset of this instruction
int dalvikOffset; // Offset of Dalvik opcode
struct LIR* next;
struct LIR* prev;
struct LIR* target;
} LIR;
enum ExtendedMIROpcode {
kMirOpFirst = kNumPackedOpcodes,
kMirOpPhi = kMirOpFirst,
kMirOpCheckInlinePrediction, // Gen checks for predicted inlining
struct SSARepresentation;
typedef enum {
kMIRIgnoreNullCheck = 0,
kMIRInlined, // Invoke is inlined (ie dead)
kMIRInlinedPred, // Invoke is inlined via prediction
kMIRCallee, // Instruction is inlined from callee
} MIROptimizationFlagPositons;
#define MIR_IGNORE_NULL_CHECK (1 << kMIRIgnoreNullCheck)
#define MIR_NULL_CHECK_ONLY (1 << kMIRNullCheckOnly)
#define MIR_IGNORE_RANGE_CHECK (1 << kMIRIgnoreRangeCheck)
#define MIR_RANGE_CHECK_ONLY (1 << kMIRRangeCheckOnly)
#define MIR_INLINED (1 << kMIRInlined)
#define MIR_INLINED_PRED (1 << kMIRInlinedPred)
#define MIR_CALLEE (1 << kMIRCallee)
#define MIR_IGNORE_SUSPEND_CHECK (1 << kMIRIgnoreSuspendCheck)
typedef struct CallsiteInfo {
const char* classDescriptor;
Object* classLoader;
const Method* method;
LIR* misPredBranchOver;
} CallsiteInfo;
typedef struct MIR {
DecodedInstruction dalvikInsn;
unsigned int width;
unsigned int offset;
struct MIR* prev;
struct MIR* next;
struct SSARepresentation* ssaRep;
int optimizationFlags;
int seqNum;
union {
// Used by the inlined insn from the callee to find the mother method
const Method* calleeMethod;
// Used by the inlined invoke to find the class and method pointers
CallsiteInfo* callsiteInfo;
// Used to quickly locate all Phi opcodes
struct MIR* phiNext;
} meta;
} MIR;
struct BasicBlockDataFlow;
/* For successorBlockList */
typedef enum BlockListType {
kNotUsed = 0,
} BlockListType;
typedef struct BasicBlock {
int id;
bool visited;
bool hidden;
bool catchEntry;
unsigned int startOffset;
const Method* containingMethod; // For blocks from the callee
BBType blockType;
bool needFallThroughBranch; // For blocks ended due to length limit
bool isFallThroughFromInvoke; // True means the block needs alignment
MIR* firstMIRInsn;
MIR* lastMIRInsn;
struct BasicBlock* fallThrough;
struct BasicBlock* taken;
struct BasicBlock* iDom; // Immediate dominator
struct BasicBlockDataFlow* dataFlowInfo;
ArenaBitVector* predecessors;
ArenaBitVector* dominators;
ArenaBitVector* iDominated; // Set nodes being immediately dominated
ArenaBitVector* domFrontier; // Dominance frontier
struct { // For one-to-many successors like
BlockListType blockListType; // switch and exception handling
GrowableList blocks;
} successorBlockList;
} BasicBlock;
* The "blocks" field in "successorBlockList" points to an array of
* elements with the type "SuccessorBlockInfo".
* For catch blocks, key is type index for the exception.
* For swtich blocks, key is the case value.
typedef struct SuccessorBlockInfo {
BasicBlock* block;
int key;
} SuccessorBlockInfo;
struct LoopAnalysis;
struct RegisterPool;
typedef enum AssemblerStatus {
} AssemblerStatus;
typedef struct CompilationUnit {
int numInsts;
int numBlocks;
GrowableList blockList;
const Compiler* compiler;
const Method* method;
LIR* firstLIRInsn;
LIR* lastLIRInsn;
LIR* literalList; // Constants
LIR* classPointerList; // Relocatable
int numClassPointers;
LIR* chainCellOffsetLIR;
uint32_t disableOpt; // optControlVector flags
uint32_t enableDebug; // debugControlVector flags
int headerSize; // bytes before the first code ptr
int dataOffset; // starting offset of literal pool
int totalSize; // header + code size
AssemblerStatus assemblerStatus; // Success or fix and retry
int assemblerRetries;
std::vector<short> codeBuffer;
std::vector<uint32_t> mappingTable;
std::vector<uint16_t> coreVmapTable;
std::vector<uint16_t> fpVmapTable;
bool printMe;
bool hasClassLiterals; // Contains class ptrs used as literals
bool hasLoop; // Contains a loop
bool hasInvoke; // Contains an invoke instruction
bool heapMemOp; // Mark mem ops for self verification
bool usesLinkRegister; // For self-verification only
bool methodTraceSupport; // For TraceView profiling
struct RegisterPool* regPool;
int optRound; // round number to tell an LIR's age
OatInstructionSetType instructionSet;
/* Number of total regs used in the whole cUnit after SSA transformation */
int numSSARegs;
/* Map SSA reg i to the Dalvik[15..0]/Sub[31..16] pair. */
GrowableList* ssaToDalvikMap;
/* The following are new data structures to support SSA representations */
/* Map original Dalvik reg i to the SSA[15..0]/Sub[31..16] pair */
int* dalvikToSSAMap; // length == method->registersSize
int* SSALastDefs; // length == method->registersSize
ArenaBitVector* isConstantV; // length == numSSAReg
int* constantValues; // length == numSSAReg
int* phiAliasMap; // length == numSSAReg
MIR* phiList;
/* Map SSA names to location */
RegLocation* regLocation;
int sequenceNumber;
/* Keep track of Dalvik vReg to physical register mappings */
PromotionMap* promotionMap;
* Set to the Dalvik PC of the switch instruction if it has more than
const u2* switchOverflowPad;
int numReachableBlocks;
int numDalvikRegisters; // method->registersSize + inlined
BasicBlock* entryBlock;
BasicBlock* exitBlock;
BasicBlock* curBlock;
BasicBlock* nextCodegenBlock; // for extended trace codegen
GrowableList dfsOrder;
GrowableList domPostOrderTraversal;
GrowableList throwLaunchpads;
GrowableList suspendLaunchpads;
ArenaBitVector* tryBlockAddr;
ArenaBitVector** defBlockMatrix; // numDalvikRegister x numBlocks
ArenaBitVector* tempBlockV;
ArenaBitVector* tempDalvikRegisterV;
ArenaBitVector* tempSSARegisterV; // numSSARegs
bool printSSANames;
void* blockLabelList;
bool quitLoopMode; // cold path/complex bytecode
int preservedRegsUsed; // How many callee save regs used
* Frame layout details.
* NOTE: for debug support it will be necessary to add a structure
* to map the Dalvik virtual registers to the promoted registers.
* NOTE: "num" fields are in 4-byte words, "Size" and "Offset" in bytes.
int numIns;
int numOuts;
int numRegs; // Unlike struct Method, does not include ins
int numCoreSpills;
int numFPSpills;
int numPadding; // # of 4-byte padding cells
int regsOffset; // sp-relative offset to beginning of Dalvik regs
int insOffset; // sp-relative offset to beginning of Dalvik ins
int frameSize;
unsigned int coreSpillMask;
unsigned int fpSpillMask;
unsigned int attrs;
* CLEANUP/RESTRUCTURE: The code generation utilities don't have a built-in
* mechanism to propagate the original Dalvik opcode address to the
* associated generated instructions. For the trace compiler, this wasn't
* necessary because the interpreter handled all throws and debugging
* requests. For now we'll handle this by placing the Dalvik offset
* in the CompilationUnit struct before codegen for each instruction.
* The low-level LIR creation utilites will pull it from here. Should
* be rewritten.
int currentDalvikOffset;
GrowableList switchTables;
GrowableList fillArrayData;
const u2* insns;
u4 insnsSize;
} CompilationUnit;
BasicBlock* oatNewBB(BBType blockType, int blockId);
void oatAppendMIR(BasicBlock* bb, MIR* mir);
void oatPrependMIR(BasicBlock* bb, MIR* mir);
void oatInsertMIRAfter(BasicBlock* bb, MIR* currentMIR, MIR* newMIR);
void oatAppendLIR(CompilationUnit* cUnit, LIR* lir);
void oatInsertLIRBefore(LIR* currentLIR, LIR* newLIR);
void oatInsertLIRAfter(LIR* currentLIR, LIR* newLIR);
/* Debug Utilities */
void oatDumpCompilationUnit(CompilationUnit* cUnit);