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Testing for type A
A-virtual A.SayHi()='Hi '
A-interface Greeter.SayHi()='Hi '
A-virtual A.SayHiTwice()='Hi Hi '
A-interface Greeter.SayHiTwice()='Hi Hi '
End testing for type A
Testing for type B
B-virtual B.SayHi()='Hello '
B-interface Greeter.SayHi()='Hello '
B-interface Greeter2.SayHi()='Hello '
B-virtual B.SayHiTwice()='I say Hello Hello '
B-interface Greeter.SayHiTwice()='I say Hello Hello '
B-interface Greeter2.SayHiTwice()='I say Hello Hello '
End testing for type B
Testing for type C
C-virtual A.SayHi()='Hi '
C-virtual C.SayHi()='Hi '
C-interface Greeter.SayHi()='Hi '
C-virtual A.SayHiTwice()='You don't control me'
C-virtual C.SayHiTwice()='You don't control me'
C-interface Greeter.SayHiTwice()='You don't control me'
End testing for type C
Testing for type D
D-virtual D.GetName()='Alex '
D-interface Greeter3.GetName()='Alex '
D-virtual D.SayHi()='Hello Alex '
D-interface Greeter.SayHi()='Hello Alex '
D-interface Greeter3.SayHi()='Hello Alex '
D-virtual D.SayHiTwice()='Hello Alex Hello Alex '
D-interface Greeter.SayHiTwice()='Hello Alex Hello Alex '
D-interface Greeter3.SayHiTwice()='Hello Alex Hello Alex '
End testing for type D
Testing for type E
E-virtual A.SayHi()='Hi2 '
E-virtual E.SayHi()='Hi2 '
E-interface Greeter.SayHi()='Hi2 '
E-interface Greeter2.SayHi()='Hi2 '
E-virtual A.SayHiTwice()='I say Hi2 Hi2 '
E-virtual E.SayHiTwice()='I say Hi2 Hi2 '
E-interface Greeter.SayHiTwice()='I say Hi2 Hi2 '
E-interface Greeter2.SayHiTwice()='I say Hi2 Hi2 '
End testing for type E
Testing for type F
F-interface Attendant.GetPlace()='android'
F-virtual F.GetPlace()='android'
F-virtual A.SayHi()='Hi '
F-interface Attendant.SayHi()='Hi '
F-virtual F.SayHi()='Hi '
F-interface Greeter.SayHi()='Hi '
F-virtual A.SayHiTwice()='We can override both interfaces'
F-interface Attendant.SayHiTwice()='We can override both interfaces'
F-virtual F.SayHiTwice()='We can override both interfaces'
F-interface Greeter.SayHiTwice()='We can override both interfaces'
End testing for type F
Testing for type G
G-interface Attendant.GetPlace()='android'
G-virtual G.GetPlace()='android'
G-interface Attendant.SayHi()='welcome to android'
G-virtual G.SayHi()='welcome to android'
G-interface Attendant.SayHiTwice()='welcome to androidwelcome to android'
G-virtual G.SayHiTwice()='welcome to androidwelcome to android'
End testing for type G
Testing for type H
H-interface Extension.SayHi()='welcome '
H-virtual H.SayHi()='welcome '
End testing for type H
Testing for type I
I-virtual A.SayHi()='Hi '
I-interface Greeter.SayHi()='Hi '
I-interface Greeter2.SayHi()='Hi '
I-virtual I.SayHi()='Hi '
I-virtual A.SayHiTwice()='I say Hi Hi '
I-interface Greeter.SayHiTwice()='I say Hi Hi '
I-interface Greeter2.SayHiTwice()='I say Hi Hi '
I-virtual I.SayHiTwice()='I say Hi Hi '
End testing for type I
Testing for type J
J-virtual A.SayHi()='Hi '
J-interface Greeter.SayHi()='Hi '
J-virtual J.SayHi()='Hi '
J-virtual A.SayHiTwice()='Hi Hi '
J-interface Greeter.SayHiTwice()='Hi Hi '
J-virtual J.SayHiTwice()='Hi Hi '
End testing for type J