ART: Shut down runtime in dexoptanalyzer

Ensure that a created runtime is shut down properly. This avoids

Bug: 37728223
Test: m SANITIZE_HOST=true test-art-host
Change-Id: I123f30f916a5432e759e9ade72d50ebf0303cc0e
diff --git a/dexoptanalyzer/ b/dexoptanalyzer/
index 965e407..9a2eb7f 100644
--- a/dexoptanalyzer/
+++ b/dexoptanalyzer/
@@ -216,6 +216,8 @@
     if (!CreateRuntime()) {
       return kErrorCannotCreateRuntime;
+    std::unique_ptr<Runtime> runtime(Runtime::Current());
     OatFileAssistant oat_file_assistant(dex_file_.c_str(), isa_, /*load_executable*/ false);
     // Always treat elements of the bootclasspath as up-to-date.
     // TODO(calin): this check should be in OatFileAssistant.