Remove an assertion that JDWP packets are small.

Now we support longer allocation tracker runs, it's possible
to collect more than 1MiB of data.

Equivalent to dalvik patch 75978b1e139da312515ec07022d47ac615615d1b.

Bug: 9871848
Change-Id: Id2134788b2815172d91d0ebad92198f0d2898442
diff --git a/runtime/jdwp/ b/runtime/jdwp/
index 8ef146c..4feeafb 100644
--- a/runtime/jdwp/
+++ b/runtime/jdwp/
@@ -1476,7 +1476,6 @@
     // instead of copying it into the expanding buffer.  The reduction in
     // heap requirements is probably more valuable than the efficiency.
     CHECK_GT(replyLen, 0);
-    CHECK_LT(replyLen, 1*1024*1024);
     memcpy(expandBufAddSpace(pReply, replyLen), replyBuf, replyLen);