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This is a tarball of the current Synaptics touch device driver.
Included in the tarball are the full sources for the driver, along with some
related files. Files in the tarball are:
This file.
Important changes since the last tarball.
Public header file for the driver.
Headers and source files for the driver.
Builds the driver.
Config file
For reference.
For reference.
A testing board file, for reference.
A testing kernel configuration, for reference.
Associated documentation.
To apply the new driver codebase to your current system, please follow
the steps below:
+ This step is needed ONLY if you were previous using an older version of the
Synaptics driver that had sources in drivers/input/touchscreen. In this case
you need to do the following before proceeding to the next step.
* remove the files drivers/input/touchscreen/rmi*
* edit drivers/input/touchscreen/Makefile and
drivers/input/touchscreen/KConfig to remove RMI driver references
+ If you are updating from a previous tarball of the Synaptics driver, review
the file CHANGELOG-SYNAPTICS.txt for any important changes that might have
occurred since the last tarball was issued.
+ copy the drivers/input/rmi4 folder from the tarball into your kernel tree
+ copy include/linux/rmi.h from the tarball into include/linux in your
kernel tree
+ edit drivers/input/Makefile and drivers/input/KConfig to reference
drivers/input/rmi4 appropriately (see the reference files in the tarball)
+ if you plan to use the in-driver firmware update feature, please refer to
the file Documentation/input/rmi4.txt and follow the instructions there.
+ use make menuconfig to update your configuration and select the appropriate
RMI4 features for you sensor. You may safely omit function implementations
that are not present on your sensor.
+ (alternative to make menuconfig) edit your defconfig file to remove
TOUCHSCREEN_SYNAPTICS_RMI4_I2C and related symbols (if they are present);
replace them with the appropriate CONFIG_RMI4_XXX symbols. See the
panda_defconfig file in the tarball for reference, and the
drivers/input/rmi4/Kconfig file for details on each setting. The following
lines are required as a minimum for a functional RMI4 device:
and one of either
depending on your system. You must also enable any RMI4 functions that are
present on your sensor.
+ update your board file to specify the appropriate platform data. See the
attached board_omap4panda.c file for reference.
+ do a make distclean to get rid of old object files and binaries
+ make defconfig to apply your configuration updates
+ finally, rebuild your kernel