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Updates for driver version 1.5 (final as of 2012-10-05)
* F11 platform data has been updated to a per-sensor basis (remember that a
single F11 module might have more than one 2D sensor attached to it).
* F11 virtual button maps have been switch to a per-sensor basis.
* F11 Type B support is always on, and removed from Kconfig. Per-sensor
platformdata is provided if you need to force Multifinger Type A input.
* IMPORTANT: the RMI4 driver has been converted over to the Linux kernel bus
and driver model. This means that the sysfs file structure has changed. Some
files have moved to debugfs, and for remaining files, the sysfs tree structure
has changed. Refer to Documentation/ABI/testing/debugfs-rmi4 and sysfs-rmi4
for full details.
* ALSO IMPORTANT: The Kconfig options have been simplified. Several have been
eliminated, and others have been consolidated. Please consult Kconfig and make
any necessary related changes to your kernel configuration.
* ATTN interrupts are not enabled until the F01 function driver is bound to
the sensor. This should eliminate spurious interrupts that were seen during
the system bootup process.