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# RMNET Data and MAP driver
menuconfig RMNET_DATA
depends on NETDEVICES
bool "RmNet Data and MAP driver"
If you say Y here, then the rmnet_data module will be statically
compiled into the kernel. The rmnet data module provides MAP
functionality for embedded and bridged traffic.
bool "RmNet Data Flow Control"
depends on NET_SCHED && NET_SCH_PRIO
Say Y here if you want RmNet data to handle in-band flow control and
ioctl based flow control. This depends on net scheduler and prio queue
capability being present in the kernel. In-band flow control requires
MAP protocol be used.
bool "Packet Debug Logging"
Say Y here if you want RmNet data to be able to log packets in main
system log. This should not be enabled on production builds as it can
impact system performance. Note that simply enabling it here will not
enable the logging; it must be enabled at run-time as well.
endif # RMNET_DATA