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# CAIF net configurations
menuconfig CAIF
tristate "CAIF support"
select CRC_CCITT
default n
The "Communication CPU to Application CPU Interface" (CAIF) is a packet
based connection-oriented MUX protocol developed by ST-Ericsson for use
with its modems. It is accessed from user space as sockets (PF_CAIF).
Say Y (or M) here if you build for a phone product (e.g. Android or
MeeGo ) that uses CAIF as transport, if unsure say N.
If you select to build it as module then CAIF_NETDEV also needs to be
built as modules. You will also need to say yes to any CAIF physical
devices that your platform requires.
See Documentation/networking/caif for a further explanation on how to
use and configure CAIF.
bool "Enable Debug"
default n
--- help ---
Enable the inclusion of debug code in the CAIF stack.
Be aware that doing this will impact performance.
If unsure say N.
tristate "CAIF GPRS Network device"
default CAIF
Say Y if you will be using a CAIF based GPRS network device.
This can be either built-in or a loadable module,
If you select to build it as a built-in then the main CAIF device must
also be a built-in.
If unsure say Y.