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* Header file describing the internal (inter-module) DHD interfaces.
* Provides type definitions and function prototypes used to link the
* DHD OS, bus, and protocol modules.
* Copyright (C) 1999-2010, Broadcom Corporation
* Unless you and Broadcom execute a separate written software license
* agreement governing use of this software, this software is licensed to you
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (the "GPL"),
* available at, with the
* following added to such license:
* As a special exception, the copyright holders of this software give you
* permission to link this software with independent modules, and to copy and
* distribute the resulting executable under terms of your choice, provided that
* you also meet, for each linked independent module, the terms and conditions of
* the license of that module. An independent module is a module which is not
* derived from this software. The special exception does not apply to any
* modifications of the software.
* Notwithstanding the above, under no circumstances may you combine this
* software in any way with any other Broadcom software provided under a license
* other than the GPL, without Broadcom's express prior written consent.
* $Id: dhd.h,v 2010/11/12 22:48:36 Exp $
* Common types *
#ifndef _dhd_h_
#define _dhd_h_
#if defined(LINUX)
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/etherdevice.h>
#include <linux/random.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/ethtool.h>
#include <asm/uaccess.h>
#include <asm/unaligned.h>
/* The kernel threading is sdio-specific */
#else /* LINUX */
#define ENOMEM 1
#define EFAULT 2
#define EINVAL 3
#define EIO 4
#define ETIMEDOUT 5
#endif /* LINUX */
#include <wlioctl.h>
#ifdef DHD_DEBUG
/* Forward decls */
struct dhd_bus;
struct dhd_prot;
struct dhd_info;
/* The level of bus communication with the dongle */
enum dhd_bus_state {
DHD_BUS_DOWN, /* Not ready for frame transfers */
DHD_BUS_LOAD, /* Download access only (CPU reset) */
DHD_BUS_DATA /* Ready for frame transfers */
enum dhd_bus_wake_state {
enum dhd_prealloc_index {
extern void * dhd_os_prealloc(int section, unsigned long size);
/* Common structure for module and instance linkage */
typedef struct dhd_pub {
/* Linkage ponters */
osl_t *osh; /* OSL handle */
struct dhd_bus *bus; /* Bus module handle */
struct dhd_prot *prot; /* Protocol module handle */
struct dhd_info *info; /* Info module handle */
/* Internal dhd items */
bool up; /* Driver up/down (to OS) */
bool txoff; /* Transmit flow-controlled */
bool dongle_reset; /* TRUE = DEVRESET put dongle into reset */
enum dhd_bus_state busstate;
uint hdrlen; /* Total DHD header length (proto + bus) */
uint maxctl; /* Max size rxctl request from proto to bus */
uint rxsz; /* Rx buffer size bus module should use */
uint8 wme_dp; /* wme discard priority */
/* Dongle media info */
bool iswl; /* Dongle-resident driver is wl */
ulong drv_version; /* Version of dongle-resident driver */
struct ether_addr mac; /* MAC address obtained from dongle */
dngl_stats_t dstats; /* Stats for dongle-based data */
/* Additional stats for the bus level */
ulong tx_packets; /* Data packets sent to dongle */
ulong tx_multicast; /* Multicast data packets sent to dongle */
ulong tx_errors; /* Errors in sending data to dongle */
ulong tx_ctlpkts; /* Control packets sent to dongle */
ulong tx_ctlerrs; /* Errors sending control frames to dongle */
ulong rx_packets; /* Packets sent up the network interface */
ulong rx_multicast; /* Multicast packets sent up the network interface */
ulong rx_errors; /* Errors processing rx data packets */
ulong rx_ctlpkts; /* Control frames processed from dongle */
ulong rx_ctlerrs; /* Errors in processing rx control frames */
ulong rx_dropped; /* Packets dropped locally (no memory) */
ulong rx_flushed; /* Packets flushed due to unscheduled sendup thread */
ulong wd_dpc_sched; /* Number of times dhd dpc scheduled by watchdog timer */
ulong rx_readahead_cnt; /* Number of packets where header read-ahead was used. */
ulong tx_realloc; /* Number of tx packets we had to realloc for headroom */
ulong fc_packets; /* Number of flow control pkts recvd */
/* Last error return */
int bcmerror;
uint tickcnt;
/* Last error from dongle */
int dongle_error;
/* Suspend disable flag and "in suspend" flag */
int suspend_disable_flag; /* "1" to disable all extra powersaving during suspend */
int in_suspend; /* flag set to 1 when early suspend called */
int pno_enable; /* pno status : "1" is pno enable */
#endif /* PNO_SUPPORT */
int dtim_skip; /* dtim skip , default 0 means wake each dtim */
/* Pkt filter defination */
char * pktfilter[100];
int pktfilter_count;
uint8 country_code[WLC_CNTRY_BUF_SZ];
char eventmask[WL_EVENTING_MASK_LEN];
} dhd_pub_t;
#define _DHD_PM_RESUME_WAIT(a, b) do { \
int retry = 0; \
smp_mb(); \
while (dhd_mmc_suspend && retry++ != b) { \
wait_event_interruptible_timeout(a, FALSE, HZ/100); \
} \
} while (0)
#define DHD_PM_RESUME_RETURN_ERROR(a) do { if (dhd_mmc_suspend) return a; } while (0)
#define DHD_PM_RESUME_RETURN do { if (dhd_mmc_suspend) return; } while (0)
#define SPINWAIT_SLEEP(a, exp, us) do { \
uint countdown = (us) + 9999; \
while ((exp) && (countdown >= 10000)) { \
wait_event_interruptible_timeout(a, FALSE, HZ/100); \
countdown -= 10000; \
} \
} while (0)
#define SPINWAIT_SLEEP(a, exp, us) do { \
uint countdown = (us) + 9; \
while ((exp) && (countdown >= 10)) { \
OSL_DELAY(10); \
countdown -= 10; \
} \
} while (0)
#endif /* LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= KERNEL_VERSION(2, 6, 27)) && defined(CONFIG_PM_SLEEP) */
#define DHD_IF_VIF 0x01 /* Virtual IF (Hidden from user) */
/* Wakelock Functions */
extern int dhd_os_wake_lock(dhd_pub_t *pub);
extern int dhd_os_wake_unlock(dhd_pub_t *pub);
extern int dhd_os_wake_lock_timeout(dhd_pub_t *pub);
extern int dhd_os_wake_lock_timeout_enable(dhd_pub_t *pub);
extern void dhd_os_start_lock(dhd_pub_t *pub);
extern void dhd_os_start_unlock(dhd_pub_t *pub);
extern unsigned long dhd_os_spin_lock(dhd_pub_t *pub);
extern void dhd_os_spin_unlock(dhd_pub_t *pub, unsigned long flags);
typedef struct dhd_if_event {
uint8 ifidx;
uint8 action;
uint8 flags;
uint8 bssidx;
} dhd_if_event_t;
* Exported from dhd OS modules (dhd_linux/dhd_ndis)
/* To allow osl_attach/detach calls from os-independent modules */
osl_t *dhd_osl_attach(void *pdev, uint bustype);
void dhd_osl_detach(osl_t *osh);
/* Indication from bus module regarding presence/insertion of dongle.
* Return dhd_pub_t pointer, used as handle to OS module in later calls.
* Returned structure should have bus and prot pointers filled in.
* bus_hdrlen specifies required headroom for bus module header.
extern dhd_pub_t *dhd_attach(osl_t *osh, struct dhd_bus *bus, uint bus_hdrlen);
extern int dhd_net_attach(dhd_pub_t *dhdp, int idx);
/* Indication from bus module regarding removal/absence of dongle */
extern void dhd_detach(dhd_pub_t *dhdp);
/* Indication from bus module to change flow-control state */
extern void dhd_txflowcontrol(dhd_pub_t *dhdp, int ifidx, bool on);
extern bool dhd_prec_enq(dhd_pub_t *dhdp, struct pktq *q, void *pkt, int prec);
/* Receive frame for delivery to OS. Callee disposes of rxp. */
extern void dhd_rx_frame(dhd_pub_t *dhdp, int ifidx, void *rxp, int numpkt);
/* Return pointer to interface name */
extern char *dhd_ifname(dhd_pub_t *dhdp, int idx);
/* Request scheduling of the bus dpc */
extern void dhd_sched_dpc(dhd_pub_t *dhdp);
/* Notify tx completion */
extern void dhd_txcomplete(dhd_pub_t *dhdp, void *txp, bool success);
/* Query ioctl */
extern int dhdcdc_query_ioctl(dhd_pub_t *dhd, int ifidx, uint cmd, void *buf, uint len);
/* OS independent layer functions */
extern int dhd_os_proto_block(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern int dhd_os_proto_unblock(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern int dhd_os_ioctl_resp_wait(dhd_pub_t * pub, uint * condition, bool * pending);
extern int dhd_os_ioctl_resp_wake(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern unsigned int dhd_os_get_ioctl_resp_timeout(void);
extern void dhd_os_set_ioctl_resp_timeout(unsigned int timeout_msec);
extern void * dhd_os_open_image(char * filename);
extern int dhd_os_get_image_block(char * buf, int len, void * image);
extern void dhd_os_close_image(void * image);
extern void dhd_os_wd_timer(void *bus, uint wdtick);
extern void dhd_os_sdlock(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern void dhd_os_sdunlock(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern void dhd_os_sdlock_txq(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern void dhd_os_sdunlock_txq(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern void dhd_os_sdlock_rxq(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern void dhd_os_sdunlock_rxq(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern void dhd_os_sdlock_sndup_rxq(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern void dhd_customer_gpio_wlan_ctrl(int onoff);
extern int dhd_custom_get_mac_address(unsigned char *buf);
extern void dhd_os_sdunlock_sndup_rxq(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern void dhd_os_sdlock_eventq(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern void dhd_os_sdunlock_eventq(dhd_pub_t * pub);
#ifdef DHD_DEBUG
extern int write_to_file(dhd_pub_t *dhd, uint8 *buf, int size);
#endif /* DHD_DEBUG */
#if defined(OOB_INTR_ONLY)
extern int dhd_customer_oob_irq_map(unsigned long *irq_flags_ptr);
#endif /* defined(OOB_INTR_ONLY) */
extern void dhd_os_sdtxlock(dhd_pub_t * pub);
extern void dhd_os_sdtxunlock(dhd_pub_t * pub);
int setScheduler(struct task_struct *p, int policy, struct sched_param *param);
typedef struct {
uint32 limit; /* Expiration time (usec) */
uint32 increment; /* Current expiration increment (usec) */
uint32 elapsed; /* Current elapsed time (usec) */
uint32 tick; /* O/S tick time (usec) */
} dhd_timeout_t;
extern void dhd_timeout_start(dhd_timeout_t *tmo, uint usec);
extern int dhd_timeout_expired(dhd_timeout_t *tmo);
extern int dhd_ifname2idx(struct dhd_info *dhd, char *name);
extern uint8 *dhd_bssidx2bssid(dhd_pub_t *dhd, int idx);
extern int wl_host_event(struct dhd_info *dhd, int *idx, void *pktdata,
wl_event_msg_t *, void **data_ptr);
extern void wl_event_to_host_order(wl_event_msg_t * evt);
extern void dhd_common_init(void);
extern int dhd_add_if(struct dhd_info *dhd, int ifidx, void *handle,
char *name, uint8 *mac_addr, uint32 flags, uint8 bssidx);
extern void dhd_del_if(struct dhd_info *dhd, int ifidx);
extern void dhd_vif_add(struct dhd_info *dhd, int ifidx, char * name);
extern void dhd_vif_del(struct dhd_info *dhd, int ifidx);
extern void dhd_event(struct dhd_info *dhd, char *evpkt, int evlen, int ifidx);
extern void dhd_vif_sendup(struct dhd_info *dhd, int ifidx, uchar *cp, int len);
/* Send packet to dongle via data channel */
extern int dhd_sendpkt(dhd_pub_t *dhdp, int ifidx, void *pkt);
/* Send event to host */
extern void dhd_sendup_event(dhd_pub_t *dhdp, wl_event_msg_t *event, void *data);
extern int dhd_bus_devreset(dhd_pub_t *dhdp, uint8 flag);
extern uint dhd_bus_status(dhd_pub_t *dhdp);
extern int dhd_bus_start(dhd_pub_t *dhdp);
extern void print_buf(void *pbuf, int len, int bytes_per_line);
typedef enum cust_gpio_modes {
} cust_gpio_modes_t;
extern int wl_iw_iscan_set_scan_broadcast_prep(struct net_device *dev, uint flag);
extern int wl_iw_send_priv_event(struct net_device *dev, char *flag);
extern int net_os_send_hang_message(struct net_device *dev);
* Insmod parameters for debug/test
/* Watchdog timer interval */
extern uint dhd_watchdog_ms;
#if defined(DHD_DEBUG)
/* Console output poll interval */
extern uint dhd_console_ms;
#endif /* defined(DHD_DEBUG) */
/* Use interrupts */
extern uint dhd_intr;
/* Use polling */
extern uint dhd_poll;
/* ARP offload agent mode */
extern uint dhd_arp_mode;
/* ARP offload enable */
extern uint dhd_arp_enable;
/* Pkt filte enable control */
extern uint dhd_pkt_filter_enable;
/* Pkt filter init setup */
extern uint dhd_pkt_filter_init;
/* Pkt filter mode control */
extern uint dhd_master_mode;
/* Roaming mode control */
extern uint dhd_roam;
/* Roaming mode control */
extern uint dhd_radio_up;
/* Initial idletime ticks (may be -1 for immediate idle, 0 for no idle) */
extern int dhd_idletime;
/* SDIO Drive Strength */
extern uint dhd_sdiod_drive_strength;
/* Override to force tx queueing all the time */
extern uint dhd_force_tx_queueing;
/* Default KEEP_ALIVE Period is 55 sec to prevent AP from sending Keep Alive probe frame */
#define KEEP_ALIVE_PERIOD 55000
#define NULL_PKT_STR "null_pkt"
#ifdef SDTEST
/* Echo packet generator (SDIO), pkts/s */
extern uint dhd_pktgen;
/* Echo packet len (0 => sawtooth, max 1800) */
extern uint dhd_pktgen_len;
#define MAX_PKTGEN_LEN 1800
/* optionally set by a module_param_string() */
#define MOD_PARAM_PATHLEN 2048
extern char fw_path[MOD_PARAM_PATHLEN];
extern char nv_path[MOD_PARAM_PATHLEN];
/* For supporting multiple interfaces */
#define DHD_MAX_IFS 16
#define DHD_DEL_IF -0xe
#define DHD_BAD_IF -0xf
extern void dhd_wait_for_event(dhd_pub_t *dhd, bool *lockvar);
extern void dhd_wait_event_wakeup(dhd_pub_t*dhd);
/* dhd_commn arp offload wrapers */
extern void dhd_arp_cleanup(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
int dhd_arp_get_arp_hostip_table(dhd_pub_t *dhd, void *buf, int buflen);
void dhd_arp_offload_add_ip(dhd_pub_t *dhd, u32 ipaddr);
#endif /* _dhd_h_ */