qcacmn: Don't destroy uncreated completion_freeq_lock

Sometimes, BMI download FW fail, cause destroy this uncreated spinlock.

Because fw download fail, hif_start() not called, so
&pipe_info->completion_freeq_lock not be created.But hif_ce_stop() call
qdf_spinlock_destroy(&pipe_info->completion_freeq_lock);Cause WLAN Panic
@ qdf_lock_stats_cookie_destroy:824: Lock destroyed twice or never created

hif_state->started be set to true in hif_start( )This fixes use
hif_state->started to judge hif_start() be called or not.If false,
hif_start() not be called, so needn’t destroy  uncreated

Bug: 283948235
Test: Regression Test
CRs-Fixed: 2648188
Change-Id: Id6aae8024fe9df2ac6cf7976047ebd7a850438e4
Signed-off-by: Hsiu-Chang Chen <hsiuchangchen@google.com>
diff --git a/hif/src/ce/ce_main.c b/hif/src/ce/ce_main.c
index f4fe98b..5991690 100644
--- a/hif/src/ce/ce_main.c
+++ b/hif/src/ce/ce_main.c
@@ -2673,7 +2673,8 @@
 		pipe_info = &hif_state->pipe_info[pipe_num];
 		if (pipe_info->ce_hdl) {
-			if (pipe_info->ce_hdl != ce_diag) {
+			if (pipe_info->ce_hdl != ce_diag &&
+			    hif_state->started) {
 				attr = hif_state->host_ce_config[pipe_num];
 				if (attr.src_nentries)