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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* net/dsa/dsa_priv.h - Hardware switch handling
* Copyright (c) 2008-2009 Marvell Semiconductor
#ifndef __DSA_PRIV_H
#define __DSA_PRIV_H
#include <linux/if_bridge.h>
#include <linux/phy.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/netpoll.h>
#include <net/dsa.h>
#include <net/gro_cells.h>
enum {
struct dsa_notifier_ageing_time_info {
struct switchdev_trans *trans;
unsigned int ageing_time;
struct dsa_notifier_bridge_info {
struct net_device *br;
int tree_index;
int sw_index;
int port;
struct dsa_notifier_fdb_info {
int sw_index;
int port;
const unsigned char *addr;
u16 vid;
struct dsa_notifier_mdb_info {
const struct switchdev_obj_port_mdb *mdb;
struct switchdev_trans *trans;
int sw_index;
int port;
struct dsa_notifier_vlan_info {
const struct switchdev_obj_port_vlan *vlan;
struct switchdev_trans *trans;
int sw_index;
int port;
struct dsa_notifier_mtu_info {
bool propagate_upstream;
int sw_index;
int port;
int mtu;
struct dsa_slave_priv {
/* Copy of CPU port xmit for faster access in slave transmit hot path */
struct sk_buff * (*xmit)(struct sk_buff *skb,
struct net_device *dev);
struct pcpu_sw_netstats __percpu *stats64;
struct gro_cells gcells;
/* DSA port data, such as switch, port index, etc. */
struct dsa_port *dp;
struct netpoll *netpoll;
/* TC context */
struct list_head mall_tc_list;
/* dsa.c */
const struct dsa_device_ops *dsa_tag_driver_get(int tag_protocol);
void dsa_tag_driver_put(const struct dsa_device_ops *ops);
bool dsa_schedule_work(struct work_struct *work);
const char *dsa_tag_protocol_to_str(const struct dsa_device_ops *ops);
int dsa_legacy_fdb_add(struct ndmsg *ndm, struct nlattr *tb[],
struct net_device *dev,
const unsigned char *addr, u16 vid,
u16 flags,
struct netlink_ext_ack *extack);
int dsa_legacy_fdb_del(struct ndmsg *ndm, struct nlattr *tb[],
struct net_device *dev,
const unsigned char *addr, u16 vid);
/* master.c */
int dsa_master_setup(struct net_device *dev, struct dsa_port *cpu_dp);
void dsa_master_teardown(struct net_device *dev);
static inline struct net_device *dsa_master_find_slave(struct net_device *dev,
int device, int port)
struct dsa_port *cpu_dp = dev->dsa_ptr;
struct dsa_switch_tree *dst = cpu_dp->dst;
struct dsa_port *dp;
list_for_each_entry(dp, &dst->ports, list)
if (dp->ds->index == device && dp->index == port &&
dp->type == DSA_PORT_TYPE_USER)
return dp->slave;
return NULL;
/* port.c */
int dsa_port_set_state(struct dsa_port *dp, u8 state,
struct switchdev_trans *trans);
int dsa_port_enable_rt(struct dsa_port *dp, struct phy_device *phy);
int dsa_port_enable(struct dsa_port *dp, struct phy_device *phy);
void dsa_port_disable_rt(struct dsa_port *dp);
void dsa_port_disable(struct dsa_port *dp);
int dsa_port_bridge_join(struct dsa_port *dp, struct net_device *br);
void dsa_port_bridge_leave(struct dsa_port *dp, struct net_device *br);
int dsa_port_vlan_filtering(struct dsa_port *dp, bool vlan_filtering,
struct switchdev_trans *trans);
bool dsa_port_skip_vlan_configuration(struct dsa_port *dp);
int dsa_port_ageing_time(struct dsa_port *dp, clock_t ageing_clock,
struct switchdev_trans *trans);
int dsa_port_mtu_change(struct dsa_port *dp, int new_mtu,
bool propagate_upstream);
int dsa_port_fdb_add(struct dsa_port *dp, const unsigned char *addr,
u16 vid);
int dsa_port_fdb_del(struct dsa_port *dp, const unsigned char *addr,
u16 vid);
int dsa_port_fdb_dump(struct dsa_port *dp, dsa_fdb_dump_cb_t *cb, void *data);
int dsa_port_mdb_add(const struct dsa_port *dp,
const struct switchdev_obj_port_mdb *mdb,
struct switchdev_trans *trans);
int dsa_port_mdb_del(const struct dsa_port *dp,
const struct switchdev_obj_port_mdb *mdb);
int dsa_port_pre_bridge_flags(const struct dsa_port *dp, unsigned long flags,
struct switchdev_trans *trans);
int dsa_port_bridge_flags(const struct dsa_port *dp, unsigned long flags,
struct switchdev_trans *trans);
int dsa_port_mrouter(struct dsa_port *dp, bool mrouter,
struct switchdev_trans *trans);
int dsa_port_vlan_add(struct dsa_port *dp,
const struct switchdev_obj_port_vlan *vlan,
struct switchdev_trans *trans);
int dsa_port_vlan_del(struct dsa_port *dp,
const struct switchdev_obj_port_vlan *vlan);
int dsa_port_link_register_of(struct dsa_port *dp);
void dsa_port_link_unregister_of(struct dsa_port *dp);
extern const struct phylink_mac_ops dsa_port_phylink_mac_ops;
/* slave.c */
extern const struct dsa_device_ops notag_netdev_ops;
void dsa_slave_mii_bus_init(struct dsa_switch *ds);
int dsa_slave_create(struct dsa_port *dp);
void dsa_slave_destroy(struct net_device *slave_dev);
bool dsa_slave_dev_check(const struct net_device *dev);
int dsa_slave_suspend(struct net_device *slave_dev);
int dsa_slave_resume(struct net_device *slave_dev);
int dsa_slave_register_notifier(void);
void dsa_slave_unregister_notifier(void);
static inline struct dsa_port *dsa_slave_to_port(const struct net_device *dev)
struct dsa_slave_priv *p = netdev_priv(dev);
return p->dp;
static inline struct net_device *
dsa_slave_to_master(const struct net_device *dev)
struct dsa_port *dp = dsa_slave_to_port(dev);
return dp->cpu_dp->master;
/* If under a bridge with vlan_filtering=0, make sure to send pvid-tagged
* frames as untagged, since the bridge will not untag them.
static inline struct sk_buff *dsa_untag_bridge_pvid(struct sk_buff *skb)
struct dsa_port *dp = dsa_slave_to_port(skb->dev);
struct net_device *br = dp->bridge_dev;
struct net_device *dev = skb->dev;
struct net_device *upper_dev;
u16 vid, pvid, proto;
int err;
if (!br || br_vlan_enabled(br))
return skb;
err = br_vlan_get_proto(br, &proto);
if (err)
return skb;
/* Move VLAN tag from data to hwaccel */
if (!skb_vlan_tag_present(skb) && skb->protocol == htons(proto)) {
skb = skb_vlan_untag(skb);
if (!skb)
return NULL;
if (!skb_vlan_tag_present(skb))
return skb;
vid = skb_vlan_tag_get_id(skb);
/* We already run under an RCU read-side critical section since
* we are called from netif_receive_skb_list_internal().
err = br_vlan_get_pvid_rcu(dev, &pvid);
if (err)
return skb;
if (vid != pvid)
return skb;
/* The sad part about attempting to untag from DSA is that we
* don't know, unless we check, if the skb will end up in
* the bridge's data path - br_allowed_ingress() - or not.
* For example, there might be an 8021q upper for the
* default_pvid of the bridge, which will steal VLAN-tagged traffic
* from the bridge's data path. This is a configuration that DSA
* supports because vlan_filtering is 0. In that case, we should
* definitely keep the tag, to make sure it keeps working.
upper_dev = __vlan_find_dev_deep_rcu(br, htons(proto), vid);
if (upper_dev)
return skb;
return skb;
/* switch.c */
int dsa_switch_register_notifier(struct dsa_switch *ds);
void dsa_switch_unregister_notifier(struct dsa_switch *ds);
/* dsa2.c */
extern struct list_head dsa_tree_list;