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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Local helper macros and functions for HD-audio core drivers
#ifndef __HDAC_LOCAL_H
#define __HDAC_LOCAL_H
#define get_wcaps(codec, nid) \
snd_hdac_read_parm(codec, nid, AC_PAR_AUDIO_WIDGET_CAP)
/* get the widget type from widget capability bits */
static inline int get_wcaps_type(unsigned int wcaps)
if (!wcaps)
return -1; /* invalid type */
return (wcaps & AC_WCAP_TYPE) >> AC_WCAP_TYPE_SHIFT;
static inline unsigned int get_wcaps_channels(u32 wcaps)
unsigned int chans;
chans = (wcaps & AC_WCAP_CHAN_CNT_EXT) >> 13;
chans = (chans + 1) * 2;
return chans;
extern const struct attribute_group *hdac_dev_attr_groups[];
int hda_widget_sysfs_init(struct hdac_device *codec);
int hda_widget_sysfs_reinit(struct hdac_device *codec, hda_nid_t start_nid,
int num_nodes);
void hda_widget_sysfs_exit(struct hdac_device *codec);
int snd_hdac_bus_add_device(struct hdac_bus *bus, struct hdac_device *codec);
void snd_hdac_bus_remove_device(struct hdac_bus *bus,
struct hdac_device *codec);
void snd_hdac_bus_queue_event(struct hdac_bus *bus, u32 res, u32 res_ex);
int snd_hdac_bus_exec_verb(struct hdac_bus *bus, unsigned int addr,
unsigned int cmd, unsigned int *res);
int snd_hdac_exec_verb(struct hdac_device *codec, unsigned int cmd,
unsigned int flags, unsigned int *res);
#endif /* __HDAC_LOCAL_H */