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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __API_FD_ARRAY__
#define __API_FD_ARRAY__
#include <stdio.h>
struct pollfd;
* struct fdarray: Array of file descriptors
* @priv: Per array entry priv area, users should access just its contents,
* not set it to anything, as it is kept in synch with @entries, being
* realloc'ed, * for instance, in fdarray__{grow,filter}.
* I.e. using 'fda->priv[N].idx = * value' where N < fda->nr is ok,
* but doing 'fda->priv = malloc(M)' is not allowed.
struct fdarray {
int nr;
int nr_alloc;
int nr_autogrow;
struct pollfd *entries;
union {
int idx;
void *ptr;
} *priv;
void fdarray__init(struct fdarray *fda, int nr_autogrow);
void fdarray__exit(struct fdarray *fda);
struct fdarray *fdarray__new(int nr_alloc, int nr_autogrow);
void fdarray__delete(struct fdarray *fda);
int fdarray__add(struct fdarray *fda, int fd, short revents);
int fdarray__poll(struct fdarray *fda, int timeout);
int fdarray__filter(struct fdarray *fda, short revents,
void (*entry_destructor)(struct fdarray *fda, int fd, void *arg),
void *arg);
int fdarray__grow(struct fdarray *fda, int extra);
int fdarray__fprintf(struct fdarray *fda, FILE *fp);
static inline int fdarray__available_entries(struct fdarray *fda)
return fda->nr_alloc - fda->nr;
#endif /* __API_FD_ARRAY__ */