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Ramoops oops/panic logger
ramoops provides persistent RAM storage for oops and panics, so they can be
recovered after a reboot.
Parts of this storage may be set aside for other persistent log buffers, such
as kernel log messages, or for optional ECC error-correction data. The total
size of these optional buffers must fit in the reserved region.
Any remaining space will be used for a circular buffer of oops and panic
records. These records have a configurable size, with a size of 0 indicating
that they should be disabled.
Required properties:
- compatible: must be "ramoops"
- memory-region: phandle to a region of memory that is preserved between reboots
Optional properties:
- ecc-size: enables ECC support and specifies ECC buffer size in bytes
(defaults to no ECC)
- record-size: maximum size in bytes of each dump done on oops/panic
(defaults to 0)
- console-size: size in bytes of log buffer reserved for kernel messages
(defaults to 0)
- ftrace-size: size in bytes of log buffer reserved for function tracing and
profiling (defaults to 0)
- pmsg-size: size in bytes of log buffer reserved for userspace messages
(defaults to 0)
- unbuffered: if present, use unbuffered mappings to map the reserved region
(defaults to buffered mappings)
- no-dump-oops: if present, only dump panics (defaults to panics and oops)