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The reason why cec.c is still in staging is that I would like
to have a bit more confidence in the uABI. The kABI is fine,
no problem there, but I would like to let the public API mature
a bit.
Once I'm confident that I didn't miss anything then the cec.c source
can move to drivers/media and the linux/cec.h and linux/cec-funcs.h
headers can move to uapi/linux and added to uapi/linux/Kbuild to make
them public.
Hopefully this will happen later in 2016.
Other TODOs:
- There are two possible replies to CEC_MSG_INITIATE_ARC. How to handle that?
- Add a flag to inhibit passing CEC RC messages to the rc subsystem.
Applications should be able to choose this when calling S_LOG_ADDRS.
- If the reply field of cec_msg is set then when the reply arrives it
is only sent to the filehandle that transmitted the original message
and not to any followers. Should this behavior change or perhaps
controlled through a cec_msg flag?
And also TYPE_SWITCH and TYPE_CDC_ONLY in addition to the TYPE_UNREGISTERED?
This should give the framework more information about the device type
since SPECIFIC and UNREGISTERED give no useful information.
- Once this is out of staging this should no longer be a separate
config option, instead it should be selected by drivers that want it.
- Revisit the IS_REACHABLE(RC_CORE): perhaps the RC_CORE support should
be enabled through a separate config option in drivers/media/Kconfig
or rc/Kconfig?
Hans Verkuil <>