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* Synaptics DSX touchscreen driver
* Copyright (C) 2012 Synaptics Incorporated
* Copyright (C) 2012 Alexandra Chin <>
* Copyright (C) 2012 Scott Lin <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
#define SYNAPTICS_DS4 (1 << 0)
#define SYNAPTICS_DS5 (1 << 1)
#include <linux/hrtimer.h>
#include <linux/ktime.h>
#include <linux/version.h>
#include <linux/earlysuspend.h>
#define KERNEL_ABOVE_2_6_38
#ifdef KERNEL_ABOVE_2_6_38
#define sstrtoul(...) kstrtoul(__VA_ARGS__)
#define sstrtoul(...) strict_strtoul(__VA_ARGS__)
#define PDT_PROPS (0X00EF)
#define PDT_START (0x00E9)
#define PDT_END (0x00D0)
#define PDT_ENTRY_SIZE (0x0006)
#define PAGES_TO_SERVICE (10)
#define PAGE_SELECT_LEN (2)
#define ADDRESS_WORD_LEN (2)
#define SYNAPTICS_RMI4_F01 (0x01)
#define SYNAPTICS_RMI4_F11 (0x11)
#define SYNAPTICS_RMI4_F12 (0x12)
#define SYNAPTICS_RMI4_F1A (0x1a)
#define SYNAPTICS_RMI4_F34 (0x34)
#define SYNAPTICS_RMI4_F51 (0x51)
#define SYNAPTICS_RMI4_F54 (0x54)
#define SYNAPTICS_RMI4_F55 (0x55)
#define SYNAPTICS_RMI4_FDB (0xdb)
#define F12_NO_OBJECT_STATUS 0x00
#define F12_FINGER_STATUS 0x01
#define F12_STYLUS_STATUS 0x02
#define F12_PALM_STATUS 0x03
#define MASK_16BIT 0xFFFF
#define MASK_8BIT 0xFF
#define MASK_7BIT 0x7F
#define MASK_6BIT 0x3F
#define MASK_5BIT 0x1F
#define MASK_4BIT 0x0F
#define MASK_3BIT 0x07
#define MASK_2BIT 0x03
#define MASK_1BIT 0x01
enum exp_fn {
RMI_DEV = 0,
* struct synaptics_rmi4_fn_desc - function descriptor fields in PDT entry
* @query_base_addr: base address for query registers
* @cmd_base_addr: base address for command registers
* @ctrl_base_addr: base address for control registers
* @data_base_addr: base address for data registers
* @intr_src_count: number of interrupt sources
* @fn_number: function number
struct synaptics_rmi4_fn_desc {
unsigned char query_base_addr;
unsigned char cmd_base_addr;
unsigned char ctrl_base_addr;
unsigned char data_base_addr;
unsigned char intr_src_count;
unsigned char fn_number;
* synaptics_rmi4_fn_full_addr - full 16-bit base addresses
* @query_base: 16-bit base address for query registers
* @cmd_base: 16-bit base address for command registers
* @ctrl_base: 16-bit base address for control registers
* @data_base: 16-bit base address for data registers
struct synaptics_rmi4_fn_full_addr {
unsigned short query_base;
unsigned short cmd_base;
unsigned short ctrl_base;
unsigned short data_base;
* struct synaptics_rmi4_f11_extra_data - extra data of F$11
* @data38_offset: offset to F11_2D_DATA38 register
struct synaptics_rmi4_f11_extra_data {
unsigned char data38_offset;
* struct synaptics_rmi4_f12_extra_data - extra data of F$12
* @data1_offset: offset to F12_2D_DATA01 register
* @data4_offset: offset to F12_2D_DATA04 register
* @data15_offset: offset to F12_2D_DATA15 register
* @data15_size: size of F12_2D_DATA15 register
* @data15_data: buffer for reading F12_2D_DATA15 register
* @ctrl20_offset: offset to F12_2D_CTRL20 register
struct synaptics_rmi4_f12_extra_data {
unsigned char data1_offset;
unsigned char data4_offset;
unsigned char data15_offset;
unsigned char data15_size;
unsigned char data15_data[(F12_FINGERS_TO_SUPPORT + 7) / 8];
unsigned char ctrl20_offset;
* struct synaptics_rmi4_fn - RMI function handler
* @fn_number: function number
* @num_of_data_sources: number of data sources
* @num_of_data_points: maximum number of fingers supported
* @size_of_data_register_block: data register block size
* @intr_reg_num: index to associated interrupt register
* @intr_mask: interrupt mask
* @full_addr: full 16-bit base addresses of function registers
* @link: linked list for function handlers
* @data_size: size of private data
* @data: pointer to private data
* @extra: pointer to extra data
struct synaptics_rmi4_fn {
unsigned char fn_number;
unsigned char num_of_data_sources;
unsigned char num_of_data_points;
unsigned char size_of_data_register_block;
unsigned char intr_reg_num;
unsigned char intr_mask;
struct synaptics_rmi4_fn_full_addr full_addr;
struct list_head link;
int data_size;
void *data;
void *extra;
* struct synaptics_rmi4_device_info - device information
* @version_major: RMI protocol major version number
* @version_minor: RMI protocol minor version number
* @manufacturer_id: manufacturer ID
* @product_props: product properties
* @product_info: product information
* @product_id_string: product ID
* @build_id: firmware build ID
* @support_fn_list: linked list for function handlers
struct synaptics_rmi4_device_info {
unsigned int version_major;
unsigned int version_minor;
unsigned char manufacturer_id;
unsigned char product_props;
unsigned char product_info[SYNAPTICS_RMI4_PRODUCT_INFO_SIZE];
unsigned char product_id_string[SYNAPTICS_RMI4_PRODUCT_ID_SIZE + 1];
unsigned char build_id[SYNAPTICS_RMI4_BUILD_ID_SIZE];
struct list_head support_fn_list;
* struct synaptics_rmi4_data - RMI4 device instance data
* @pdev: pointer to platform device
* @input_dev: pointer to associated input device
* @hw_if: pointer to hardware interface data
* @rmi4_mod_info: device information
* @board_prop_dir: /sys/board_properties directory for virtual key map file
* @pwr_reg: pointer to regulator for power control
* @bus_reg: pointer to regulator for bus pullup control
* @rmi4_reset_mutex: mutex for software reset
* @rmi4_report_mutex: mutex for input event reporting
* @rmi4_io_ctrl_mutex: mutex for communication interface I/O
* @early_suspend: early suspend power management
* @current_page: current RMI page for register access
* @button_0d_enabled: switch for enabling 0d button support
* @full_pm_cycle: switch for enabling full power management cycle
* @num_of_tx: number of Tx channels for 2D touch
* @num_of_rx: number of Rx channels for 2D touch
* @num_of_fingers: maximum number of fingers for 2D touch
* @max_touch_width: maximum touch width
* @report_enable: input data to report for F$12
* @no_sleep_setting: default setting of NoSleep in F01_RMI_CTRL00 register
* @intr_mask: interrupt enable mask
* @button_txrx_mapping: Tx Rx mapping of 0D buttons
* @num_of_intr_regs: number of interrupt registers
* @f01_query_base_addr: query base address for f$01
* @f01_cmd_base_addr: command base address for f$01
* @f01_ctrl_base_addr: control base address for f$01
* @f01_data_base_addr: data base address for f$01
* @firmware_id: firmware build ID
* @irq: attention interrupt
* @sensor_max_x: maximum x coordinate for 2D touch
* @sensor_max_y: maximum y coordinate for 2D touch
* @flash_prog_mode: flag to indicate flash programming mode status
* @irq_enabled: flag to indicate attention interrupt enable status
* @fingers_on_2d: flag to indicate presence of fingers in 2D area
* @suspend: flag to indicate whether in suspend state
* @sensor_sleep: flag to indicate sleep state of sensor
* @stay_awake: flag to indicate whether to stay awake during suspend
* @f11_wakeup_gesture: flag to indicate support for wakeup gestures in F$11
* @f12_wakeup_gesture: flag to indicate support for wakeup gestures in F$12
* @enable_wakeup_gesture: flag to indicate usage of wakeup gestures
* @reset_device: pointer to device reset function
* @irq_enable: pointer to interrupt enable function
struct synaptics_rmi4_data {
struct platform_device *pdev;
struct input_dev *input_dev;
const struct synaptics_dsx_hw_interface *hw_if;
struct synaptics_rmi4_device_info rmi4_mod_info;
struct kobject *board_prop_dir;
struct regulator *pwr_reg;
struct regulator *bus_reg;
struct mutex rmi4_reset_mutex;
struct mutex rmi4_report_mutex;
struct mutex rmi4_io_ctrl_mutex;
struct early_suspend early_suspend;
unsigned char current_page;
unsigned char button_0d_enabled;
unsigned char full_pm_cycle;
unsigned char num_of_tx;
unsigned char num_of_rx;
unsigned char num_of_fingers;
unsigned char max_touch_width;
unsigned char report_enable;
unsigned char no_sleep_setting;
unsigned char intr_mask[MAX_INTR_REGISTERS];
unsigned char *button_txrx_mapping;
unsigned short num_of_intr_regs;
unsigned short f01_query_base_addr;
unsigned short f01_cmd_base_addr;
unsigned short f01_ctrl_base_addr;
unsigned short f01_data_base_addr;
unsigned int firmware_id;
int irq;
int sensor_max_x;
int sensor_max_y;
bool flash_prog_mode;
bool irq_enabled;
bool fingers_on_2d;
bool suspend;
bool sensor_sleep;
bool stay_awake;
bool f11_wakeup_gesture;
bool f12_wakeup_gesture;
bool enable_wakeup_gesture;
bool wakeup_gesture_active;
bool wg_sent;
bool wg_ongoing;
bool block_until_no_finger;
int (*reset_device)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
int (*irq_enable)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data, bool enable,
bool attn_only);
struct hrtimer hr_timer;
struct work_struct poll_work;
ktime_t ktime;
int poll;
unsigned f11_data_28;
bool has_large_obj_det;
unsigned char large_obj_size;
struct synaptics_dsx_bus_access {
unsigned char type;
int (*read)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data, unsigned short addr,
unsigned char *data, unsigned short length);
int (*write)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data, unsigned short addr,
unsigned char *data, unsigned short length);
struct synaptics_dsx_hw_interface {
struct synaptics_dsx_board_data *board_data;
const struct synaptics_dsx_bus_access *bus_access;
int (*bl_hw_init)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
int (*ui_hw_init)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
struct synaptics_rmi4_exp_fn {
enum exp_fn fn_type;
int (*init)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
void (*remove)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
void (*reset)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
void (*reinit)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
void (*early_suspend)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
void (*suspend)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
void (*resume)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
void (*late_resume)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data);
void (*attn)(struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data,
unsigned char intr_mask);
int synaptics_rmi4_bus_init(void);
void synaptics_rmi4_bus_exit(void);
void synaptics_rmi4_new_function(struct synaptics_rmi4_exp_fn *exp_fn_module,
bool insert);
int synaptics_fw_updater(unsigned char *fw_data);
static inline int synaptics_rmi4_reg_read(
struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data,
unsigned short addr,
unsigned char *data,
unsigned short len)
return rmi4_data->hw_if->bus_access->read(rmi4_data, addr, data, len);
static inline int synaptics_rmi4_reg_write(
struct synaptics_rmi4_data *rmi4_data,
unsigned short addr,
unsigned char *data,
unsigned short len)
return rmi4_data->hw_if->bus_access->write(rmi4_data, addr, data, len);
static inline ssize_t synaptics_rmi4_show_error(struct device *dev,
struct device_attribute *attr, char *buf)
dev_warn(dev, "%s Attempted to read from write-only attribute %s\n",
__func__, attr->;
return -EPERM;
static inline ssize_t synaptics_rmi4_store_error(struct device *dev,
struct device_attribute *attr, const char *buf, size_t count)
dev_warn(dev, "%s Attempted to write to read-only attribute %s\n",
__func__, attr->;
return -EPERM;
static inline void batohs(unsigned short *dest, unsigned char *src)
*dest = src[1] * 0x100 + src[0];
static inline void hstoba(unsigned char *dest, unsigned short src)
dest[0] = src % 0x100;
dest[1] = src / 0x100;