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Building the UMP Device Driver for Linux
Build the UMP Device Driver for Linux by running the following make command:
KDIR=<kdir_path> CONFIG=<your_config> BUILD=<build_option> make
kdir_path: Path to your Linux Kernel directory
your_config: Name of the sub-folder to find the required config.h file
("arch-" will be prepended)
build_option: debug or release. Debug is default.
The config.h contains following configuration parameters:
0 specifies the dedicated memory allocator.
1 specifies the OS memory allocator.
This is only required for the dedicated memory allocator, and specifies
the physical start address of the memory block reserved for UMP.
This specified the size of the memory block reserved for UMP, or the
maximum limit for allocations from the OS.
The result will be a ump.ko file, which can be loaded into the Linux kernel
by using the insmod command. The driver can also be built as a part of the
kernel itself.