SMS isn't converted to MMS even after 7 segments of messages

Bug 6903793

Adjust toro's overlay for mms_config.xml to set the sms->mms conversion
at 7 segments. This is simpler than adding overlays for every possible
toro-related mnc/mcc pair.

Change-Id: I68fc956522e2559b3328d507b1a1b8461786d138
diff --git a/overlay/packages/apps/Mms/res/xml/mms_config.xml b/overlay/packages/apps/Mms/res/xml/mms_config.xml
index 010604e..cfb0c95 100644
--- a/overlay/packages/apps/Mms/res/xml/mms_config.xml
+++ b/overlay/packages/apps/Mms/res/xml/mms_config.xml
@@ -79,5 +79,16 @@
     <!-- Maximum length in chars of mms subject field -->
     <int name="maxSubjectLength">80</int>
+    <!-- If true, The text message over 160 characters will be sent in multi part.
+         If false, The text message over 160 characters will be sent
+         via multi media message. -->
+    <bool name="enableMultipartSMS">true</bool>
+    <!-- If enableMultipartSMS is true and smsToMmsTextThreshold > 1, then multi-part SMS messages
+         will be converted into a single mms message. For example, if the mms_config.xml file
+         specifies <int name="smsToMmsTextThreshold">7</int>, then on the 8th sms segment, the
+         message will be converted to an mms. -->
+    <int name="smsToMmsTextThreshold">7</int>