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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
** Copyright 2011, The Android Open Source Project
** Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
** you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
** You may obtain a copy of the License at
** Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
** distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
** See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
** limitations under the License.
<!-- Sojus - specific voice mail resources -->
<resources xmlns:xliff="urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:document:1.2">
<!-- Do not translate. Defines the slots for the right-hand side icons. That is to say, the
icons in the status bar that are not notifications. -->
<string-array name="config_statusBarIcons">
<item><xliff:g id="id">ime</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">sync_failing</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">sync_active</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">gps</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">bluetooth</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">nfc</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">tty</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">speakerphone</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">mute</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">volume</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">wifi</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">wimax</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">cdma_eri</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">data_connection</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">phone_evdo_signal</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">phone_signal</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">battery</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">alarm_clock</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">secure</xliff:g></item>
<item><xliff:g id="id">clock</xliff:g></item>
<!-- This string array should be overridden by the device to present a list of network
attributes. This is used by the connectivity manager to decide which networks can coexist
based on the hardware -->
<!-- An Array of "[Connection name],[ConnectivityManager connection type],
[associated radio-type],[priority],[restoral-timer(ms)],[dependencyMet] -->
<!-- the 5th element "resore-time" indicates the number of milliseconds to delay
before automatically restore the default connection. Set -1 if the connection
does not require auto-restore. -->
<!-- the 6th element indicates boot-time dependency-met value. -->
<string-array translatable="false" name="networkAttributes">
<!-- This string array should be overridden by the device to present a list of radio
attributes. This is used by the connectivity manager to decide which networks can coexist
based on the hardware -->
<!-- An Array of "[ConnectivityManager connectionType],
[# simultaneous connection types]" -->
<string-array translatable="false" name="radioAttributes">
<!-- List of regexpressions describing the interface (if any) that represent tetherable
USB interfaces. If the device doesn't want to support tething over USB this should
be empty. An example would be "usb.*" -->
<string-array translatable="false" name="config_tether_usb_regexs">
<!-- Array of allowable ConnectivityManager network types for tethering -->
<!-- Common options are [1, 4] for wifi and dun or [0,1,5,7] for -->
<!-- mobile, wifi, hipri and bluetooth -->
<integer-array translatable="false" name="config_tether_upstream_types">
<!-- If the DUN connection for this CDMA device supports more than just DUN -->
<!-- traffic you should list them here. -->
<!-- If this device is not CDMA this is ignored. If this list is empty on -->
<!-- a DUN-requireing CDMA device, the DUN APN will support -->
<!-- just DUN. -->
<string-array translatable="false" name="config_cdma_dun_supported_types">
<!-- Set and Unsets WiMAX -->
<bool name="config_wimaxEnabled">true</bool>
<!-- Location of the wimax framwork jar location -->
<string name="config_wimaxServiceJarLocation">/vendor/lib/wimax_service.jar</string>
<!-- Location of the wimax native library locaiton -->
<string name="config_wimaxNativeLibLocation">/vendor/lib/</string>
<!-- Name of the wimax manager class -->
<string name="config_wimaxManagerClassname"></string>
<!-- Name of the wimax service class -->
<string name="config_wimaxServiceClassname"></string>
<!-- Name of the wimax state tracker clas -->
<string name="config_wimaxStateTrackerClassname"></string>
<!-- Set to true if the RSSI should always display CDMA signal
strength even on EVDO -->
<bool name="config_alwaysUseCdmaRssi">true</bool>