hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

c2c6021 ASoC: msm: Implement platform driver for compress audio playback
31e58eb ASoC: core: Update FE dpcm state to trigger BE routing
846a29f ALSA: compress: Make sure we trigger STOP before closing the stream.
b2ebfd2 ALSA: compress: Add snd_compress_free()
d314c1c ASoC: compress: Add suport for DPCM into compressed audio
d1480d5 ASoC: DPCM: make some DPCM API calls non static for compressed usage
74d00ff ALSA: PCM - Add PCM creation API for internal PCMs.

Change-Id: Ic71007fc45f3cc025c5fdfd7b6783865d025ac25
diff --git a/zImage-dtb b/zImage-dtb
index 2498583..8a460aa 100644
--- a/zImage-dtb
+++ b/zImage-dtb
Binary files differ