Turn on zram for bullhead

ZRAM is a clear win for app switching (15% shorter ave start time
when cycling through various sets of apps). Currently using the
same size as N9 (~500M) -- may want to shrink later.

Change-Id: I5f1d51b7d75f1560420ad41e9b49670fe9ed120e
diff --git a/fstab.bullhead b/fstab.bullhead
index 9f6cd1d..05e727d 100644
--- a/fstab.bullhead
+++ b/fstab.bullhead
@@ -21,3 +21,4 @@
 /dev/block/platform/soc.0/f9824900.sdhci/by-name/imgdata      /imgdata        emmc    defaults                                                        defaults
 /dev/block/platform/soc.0/f9824900.sdhci/by-name/persistent   /persistent     emmc    defaults                                                        defaults
 /devices/soc.0/f9200000.ssusb/f9200000.dwc3/xhci-hcd.0.auto/usb*    auto      auto    defaults                                                        voldmanaged=usb:auto
+/dev/block/zram0                                              none            swap    defaults                                                        zramsize=533413200,notrim
diff --git a/init.bullhead.rc b/init.bullhead.rc
index bb4bdce..c84f898 100644
--- a/init.bullhead.rc
+++ b/init.bullhead.rc
@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@
 on fs
     mount_all ./fstab.bullhead
+    swapon_all ./fstab.bullhead
     restorecon_recursive /persist