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This directory contains the firmware_install.565 and
firmware_error.565 bitmaps shown when installing a radio or hboot
update via OTA on this device.
They were generated from the corresponding .png files by doing:
convert -gravity center -extent 320x480 -background black -depth 8 icon_firmware_install.png temp.rgb
rgb2565 -w 320 < temp.rgb > firmware_install.565
convert -gravity center -extent 320x480 -background black -depth 8 icon_firmware_error.png temp.rgb
rgb2565 -w 320 < temp.rgb > firmware_error.565
(convert is part of ImageMagick; rgb2565 is built in the android
source tree.)
bitmap_size.txt contains the width, height, and depth of the bitmaps
(320 x 480 x 16bpp).