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import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
import tempfile
DEVICE_PATH = '/vendor/etc/powerhint.xml'
def restart_power_hal(target):
"""Kill power HAL service so it can pick up new values in powerhint.xml."""
target.execute('pkill -f android\.hardware\.power')
def set_touch_param(target, opcode, new_val):
"""Set a new value for the touch hint parameter with the specified opcode."""
hinttype = '0x1A00'
# Get current powerhint.xml file
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as tmp:
# Replace current parameter value
tree = ET.parse(
xpath = './Hint[@type="{}"]/Resource[@opcode="{}"]'.format(hinttype, opcode)
tree.findall(xpath)[0].set('value', '{:#x}'.format(new_val))
# Write new powerhint.xml file to device
target.push(, DEVICE_PATH)
# Restart power HAL to pick up new value
def set_touch_boost(target, boost=50):
"""Change the top-app schedtune.boost value to use after touch events."""
opcode = '0x42C18000'
if boost < 0:
boost = 100-boost
set_touch_param(target, opcode, boost)
def set_touch_min_freq(target, cluster, freq=1100):
"""Change the CPU cluster min frequency (in Mhz) to use after touch events."""
opcode = '0x40800000' if cluster == 'big' else '0x40800100'
set_touch_param(target, opcode, freq)
def set_touch_cpubw_hysteresis(target, enable=False):
"""Set whether to leave CPUBW hysteresis enabled after touch events."""
opcode = '0x4180C000'
enable_num = 1 if enable else 0
set_touch_param(target, opcode, enable_num)
def set_touch_cpubw_min_freq(target, freq=51):
"""Set CPUBW min freq used after touch events. See mapping in msm8998.dtsi."""
opcode = '0x41800000'
set_touch_param(target, opcode, freq)
def restore_defaults(target, powerhint_host_path):
"""Restore default power hint settings using a powerhint.xml file from the host."""
target.push(powerhint_host_path, DEVICE_PATH)
def disable_launch_hint(target):
"""Turn off all launch hint tweaks."""
hinttype = '0x1B00'
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as tmp:
tree = ET.parse(
xpath = './Hint[@type="{}"]'.format(hinttype)
launch_hints = tree.findall(xpath)[0]
for child in launch_hints.findall('./Resource'):
target.push(, DEVICE_PATH)