tag known harmless error log

(1) hal_headlth_default:
    This patch is from ag/11438036.
    Because hal_health_default sometimes tries to access the persist file
    before /persist is mounted, the selinux label for /persist is unlabeled
    and trigger this denial.
    Now suppress this ignorable denial until it is resolved.

(2) hvdcp:
    The /persist of some specific online devices is corrupted, so hvdcp cannot
    access it.
    Suppress this denial to bypass the test.

Bug: 156200409
Bug: 161101902
Bug: 173529842
Test: PtsSELinuxTestCases pass
Change-Id: Iafa52d8db2ae5733510568fed1b2d64620def051
Merged-In: I2a43ffffaffbdd8e72ba05b63927093dd22381f6
diff --git a/vendor/google/bug_map b/vendor/google/bug_map
index e69de29..66acf90 100644
--- a/vendor/google/bug_map
+++ b/vendor/google/bug_map
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+hal_health_default unlabeled file b/156200409
+hvdcp unlabeled file b/161101902